Hi I’m Karen, welcome to this blog, which is a platform to share positive stories from my two countries, Uganda and Rwanda. Uganda is the pearl of Africa and I share the experiences that as a local I’ve found unique and exciting.

I take you on a journey with me to the different parts of my green country which is one of the top 10 diverse countries in the world with the remaining mountain gorilla population and over 1000 bird species. I use my photography to capture stories of progress and hope.

The Start:

After browsing the internet for hours for some inspiration on places to travel in 2014, while planning a weekend away with my family, I couldn’t find any appealing stories or pictures anywhere. I have always been one to see the prettier side of things no matter where I am and decided to use my skills as a creative and communications major to share some stories on the interesting places I visited.

I remember getting several comments from readers who appreciated learning about new places I visited around Uganda, after a few months of blogging.

Early in 2016, my work took me to Malawi, for a workshop and this was my first trip alone to another country without any friends or family. I loved seeing a different African country that has its own history and unique beauty to it. It was a good experience, even though I was nervous, then the airline lost my carry-on and I did not know my way around. I still enjoyed my brief time in Malawi and promised myself i’d be better prepared next time.

Back home, I continued to explore several parts of my country like Jinja, Kabale, Murchison Fall National Park and Queen Elizabeth. I grew bold enough to explore places more on my own and later went to Johannesburg, where I remember feeling such glee walking along the streets, trying new food and meeting new people. I even got to meet one of the food bloggers I had met through my blog (who’s a good friend of mine now)

These experiences made me realize that as a young lady with big dreams, there is nothing I can’t achieve if I simply set out with a plan to do it! Growing up in a small town in western Uganda we moved to the city where I got my degree in Communication later a job but after working for a while started to feel stuck. As a creative i needed to find new places and longed to get away for inspiration.

I am no longer afraid to plan Solo trips out to any remote and interesting destinations with the sole purpose of sharing tips and tricks on how best to navigate these places as well as help the world discover their beauty. To share the stories and unravel the interesting projects there. My dream is to travel to as many African countries as possible and share my experiences with some fascinating people I meet and stories of positive change and hope.

The Journey So Far as a Solo Female African Traveler:

In July 2016 I was part of a staff exchange program through the Norwegian Peace Corps, FK Norway, where I had the opportunity to work with a team at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences. During our prep course in Johannesburg, I met other passionate participants who became a part of my life during the duration of the exchange.

After my time in Norway, I now realize that there are certain things about culture there that frustrated me, but now back home would appreciate and things about home that I missed dearly and noticed I had been taking for granted.

Most of all, my curiosity peaked to an all time high and I was eager to explore more. I visited Vienna, Berlin and Barcelona which sparked my wanderlust making me long for more!

When my boss had asked what my plans for my career were, I could not come up with a clear response. I’m glad that things make a whole lot of sense now!

I am passionate about international relations, communications and love to learn about new cultures and participate in inter-cultural sharing. Currently I am working in International relations and as a Projects Assistant.

Helping others experience my country for what it is and can be will continue to bring me joy. I’ve grown to share in detail about the beautiful places I visit, some helpful tips on how to navigate and loads more.

Where do I plan to go next? Anywhere! I am open to sample new places.

I just need to have a good plan. Speaking of plans, I am currently assisting many people create itineraries for their trips around Uganda! So just drop me an email and we can find the perfect fit for you.

I’m also happy to discuss different ways we can work together

If you are interested in finding out some of the brands I have collaborated with or would like to commission me to create content for you (either writing or photography) feel free to email me on [email protected]

Thank you so much for dropping by!