Coolest Airbnb In Jinja: Baobab Cottage

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Happy new month friend! Hope all is going well with you.

Jinja is always a good idea especially for a fun day trip out of Kampala. As you may recall, from my previous post I went kayaking last month… Booking the activity was very easy. The trick was finding a unique place to stay, for a really relaxed weekend.

Luckily the best decision turned out to be this Airbnb that I discovered after going through reviews and some photos. I was happy to discover that Baobab cottage has been around for a while and there were clear directions to the place from the owner.

The cottage is an off-the-grid A-shaped building perched on the cliffs overlooking the River Nile. Baobab Cottage is located on the West bank of the River Nile, approximately 22 km downstream from Jinja, after the new Bujagali Dam. There is a large deck, with a bathtub on the extreme corner. On the right, is a large neatly kept lush and green compound, that attracts some unique bird species which chirp at your window in the morning 🙂

Some things to expect at Baobab cottage include; bedding, towels a king-sized bed upstairs, a twin bed downstairs, two single day beds, mosquito nets for all the beds, mattresses for anyone who wants to camp, cooking supplies (pots and pans, plates, knives, forks etc.) a gas stove, a charcoal grill a solar-powered fridge and chest freezer, and basic condiments (salt, pepper, spices) silver foil and toilet paper.

You need to bring;

Drinking water and other preferred soft drinks, food, including meat or chicken(they have a charcoal grill) a torch, bread and snacks.

If you prefer to camp, they have mattresses, but you will need to bring bedding, pillows and towels.

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Staying At Baobab Cottage

Honestly, Baobab cottage exceeded my expectations, from the minute I walked into the small garden and saw the rabbits, dogs and turkey lazily chilling, I was impressed! The dogs were shy at first, but later playful when they got to know us. Once inside the cottage, you’ll be introduced to the “queen of the cottage” Maya.

Maya is the indoor cat and pest controller, so be prepared to spend time with her. In the evening she likes to nap in the chairs and if you leave the door to your room open, it’s likely that she’ll jump into your bed. You were warned…

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The pictures I saw online couldn’t have prepared me for this beauty… I found the cottage design really cool and was impressed by their use of brick, wood and grass thatch to create this cozy-unique cottage that added to the amazing stay.

Harriet and Joseph who are the care-takers we very welcoming, assisted with getting settled in and offered helpful tips for activities. Baobab has bikes, so Joseph took us on a morning ride around the area.. 

There’s Wi-Fi at Baobab Cottage that you can use for checking your emails. The cottage runs on a solar power system and an inverter. There is a charging station on top of the writing desk, for you to charge your phones, cameras and laptops during your stay.

You can also play badminton or board games from the variety of options they have to offer. The owner also has an interesting selection of books in the living room. You can also ask about the swimming pool, as one of the people that visited mentioned there’s one in area..

I would 100% recommend Baobab Cottage if you’d like to have a relaxed weekend out of the city. Have you been to any cool Airbnbs lately? Aren’t they a life-saver when you need a budget-option/ homey-stay during your travels?

Have a wonderful week,


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