Kayaking On The Nile

This weekend, I went kayaking! I hoped that some more friends would join, but they couldn’t, so we scheduled for another time.

We set from off from Baobab after breakfast and made it to Nile River Explorers camp by 2:30pm. We met the friendly team at Kayak the Nile, who prepped and signed us up for the flat water trip, which is more relaxed and comes with a guide, for about 2 hours at 40$. At this fee, you are also offered your choice of drinks. You can also opt to kayak on the rapids through the raging river… maybe next for me 😉

Once on Lake Bujagali, we pushed out kayaks onto the water and got a quick tutorial from our guide on how to steer our kayaks around. It’s pretty easy even for a beginner. You can also opt to share the guide’s kayak if you don’t feel comfortable.

kayaking River Nile


Bird Watching

Our guide recommended staying by the banks of the river, where we saw some monkeys and birds. He lives in Jinja and was happy to host other Ugandans that enjoyed such experiences. We then got into some other interesting conversations and learned more about the people in the area.

I loved being amongst the birds out on the lake, many of which I recognized from a book I’d been reading called Birds of Eastern Africa. Some would strategically dive beneath us to catch something to eat. The peace and quiet here made us feel relaxed and thankfully our guide went at a steady pace so we could pause whenever we wanted.

We came close to several fishermen along the way, who also included some women and children casting out nets before sunset.

Gin and Tonic On the Nile

Once halfway with our tour, we refueled with cold sodas, beers and gin. It was refreshing chilling on the water, simply being still and present. On our way back, we spotted a boy swinging on a rope along the banks, having a blast.

By 3:30pm, we were done and ready to dry up in the sun. For my next trip, I’d like to do this in the evening for the sunset views.

Kayak the Nile also offers 2- 5 day courses and full-on grade 5 tandem kayaking.

Tip: Remember to use the bathroom before you set off.. otherwise, like me, you’ll need to hold it.

Another company you could check out with similar services is Nile River Camp.

How was your weekend? Have you been kayaking before? Tell me all about it in the comments below 🙂

Have a great week,


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