5 Fun Ways To Experience Lake Bunyonyi In A Day

Happy weekend friend!

It’s that time of the year in Uganda, when the rains have finally graced us, after several days of scotching heat and dust. Thus this article should have been published sooner, as an option for an escape out of the city… Better late than never right? If you are planning to visit this beautiful lake for a chilled weekend, here are my suggestions for five things you can see and do, all within a day at an affordable budget.

For more information about Lake Bunyonyi, read my first hiking experience and get enticed by this Photo dairy.

1.Spend time with the Kids doing swimming lessons

This is an activity I’m hoping more lodges and tours and travel companies can add to their packages and activity list. The children around Lake Bunyonyi often have to travel across the lake to get to school every morning and evening. Some however can’t swim, so swimming lessons are imperative.

Ask about this at your lodge or tour operator, for tips on where to visit children doing swimming lessons over the weekend. I recall being told Entusi hosts some of the children around their area for swimming lessons on the weekend. You can also check out Grace Villa Kabale, to spend some time with the girls 🙂

swimming, lake bunyonyi

2. Hike for the view of the Islands

This popular hike is to the top with a view of all the islands and is totally worth it. It is possible to do this in a hour depending on your pace and level of fitness. The nature whilst you climb and rolling hills are stunningly scenic and make one appreciate why Uganda is dubbed the pearl of Africa.

lake bunyonyi, hiking,

3. Chilax In A Canoe

lake bunyonyi, canoeing

Spend 2-5 hours relaxing whilst paddling in the dugout canoes and enjoying the calmness of the lake. You can also spend time observing the fishermen in action and some of the craftswomen by the shores. For me, being out on the lake feeling almost “lost” is the best way to tune out of life’s daily routine and be present.

4. Zip lining over Lake Bunyonyi

The team at Supreme Adventure Park have nailed creating a fun way to experience Lake Bunyonyi, with friends and family. They have a high ropes course, which is excellent for adults and children, designed for both professional and amateur climbers.

Zip inning is the last and final challenge after the high ropes course also for adults and children. You’re allowed to go as many times as you like and flip your feet over the water for that epic Instagram photo.

zip lining, lake bunyonyi


5. Explore the islands

There are several small islands on Bunyonyi, including Bwama, Itambira, Bushara, Akampene and Akabucuranuka islands. Set out to discover the history and traditions from some of these popular islands.If you have more time, you can include a visit to the Batwa people in the area.

Have you visited Lake Bunyonyi recently and were any of these on your list of things to do? Are there any other things to see and do that you would recommend?

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