Re-discovering Tamarai Thai

Start or end your day with a classic Dilmah tea.

I’ve always been a tea lover… My first request is usually a dawa tea depending on the weather, but I could drink two cups of green tea a day, diligently. On a sunny day in Kampala, I crave iced teas at Tamarai. Their iced teas are legit!

Dilmah is a Sri Lankan brand of tea, sold internationally, founded in 1988 by Merrill J Fernando. The name Dilmah was chosen by combining the first names of Fernando’s sons Dilhan and Malik. You can only find this classic brand at Tamarai 🙂

Their infused teas include the Berry Sensation, lively lime and Orange Fusion, rose with french vanilla. They also have a gentle minty green tea.

Enough about my love for teas on the two different occasions when I visited Tamarai this month with friends and family, we got to sample their new menu and some amazing drink additions to their menu.

Few restaurants will manage to keep their original concept, delivering a great atmosphere for gatherings and business meetings with good food options. I’ve noticed this is what Tamarai has been for Kampala’s food scene over the years. One of the few places that serves Thai cuisine can be expected with very relaxing vibes, which you would need to try for yourself and be the judge!

Tamarai, is a Thai restaurant located at Lower Kololo terrace. It delivers perfectly blended complex flavors of Thai food ranging from sour, sweet, salty, bitter & spicy which make for a unique exotic experience.

The ambiance at Tamarai is serene, with a perfect blend of contemporary yet traditional architecture and decor. I especially enjoy spending evenings here with friends and family.

Hence the appeal in Tamarai is not only in the atmosphere and food, but also the convenience that it is in the center of town in Kololo on lower terrace. An idea is to escape the traffic with a cocktail here once in a while.

"The restaurant that changes with taste without losing the overall aesthetic. In other words the atmosphere will not be painted on the walls." The Usual Suspects

Now let’s talk Food!

Tamarai has recently added some new items to their menu and I bring you the fully tasted delicious report!

I got to chat with the Tamarai head chef who has vast experience with mainly cooking Thai food. The new additions include Indonesian and a few Vietnamese and Japanese dishes.

Naava and I got to taste some additions to the new menu. For the starters;

  • Fresh Vietnamese Spring Rolls: Fresh Vegetables & Glass Noodles Wrapped In Rice Paper Served With Peanut Sauce And Soya Ginger Sauce
  • BanhXeo (Vietnamese Pancake stuffed with minced meat)
  • Crispy Mushrooms

For mains we had;

Stir Fried Chicken Chilli (Stir Fried Cubes of Chicken Spicy with Sesame Seeds, Ground Peanut, Black Pepper, Lemon Grass served with steamed Rice + Salad)

Spicy Indonesian Fried Rice Served With Satay, Prawn (Crackers And Topped With A Fried Egg)


Stir Fried Chicken Chilli (N)

Stir Fried Cubes of Chicken Spicy with Sesame Seeds, Ground Peanut, Black Pepper, Lemon Grass served with steamed Rice + Salad

And finally dessert and more drinks!

The dessert includes their famous Mango sticky rice and banana fritters, with vanilla ice cream.

Besides their cocktails, Tamarai has a selection of coolers and juices. We tried the Carrot apple juice and Cucumber lemon mint.


Have you been to Tamarai recently? What were your thoughts on the changes they made?

Photos: Pixinart_Studio



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