A Supreme Adventure; Zip lining Over Lake Bunyonyi

Okay. You’re probably planning to drive to Lake Bunyonyi mostly to relax. To take time off from your routine and sit in a dugout canoe on the lake for hours, with views of rolling hills. If you weren’t particularly planning to do so much activity, this article will have you re-thinking this, while at Supreme Adventures Park.

Supreme Park

Supreme Adventures Park is located on Lake Bunyonyi and sits on one of the islands. It was formerly known as Nature’s Prime Island but has recently been re-branded. The range of activities here make the island unique; as this is the only place one can zip line over Lake Bunyonyi.

Zip line Cable Crossing

You can either choose to do the high ropes course that leads to the zip line cable crossing, which for me is the most rewarding; or head straight here to cross over Lake Bunyonyi as many times as you like. This is such a lovely addition to Lake Bunyonyi, as it isn’t too scary or difficult to cross over.

High Ropes Course

We were briefed by John a certified instructor on each of the levels for safety measures.  Being a primary concern while at the facility for climbers, we were practically prepped how to attach the carabineers right to each line before attempting any movement during the course. The High ropes course is excellent for adults and children and designed for both professional and amateur climbers with legal climbing equipment’s as Petzl and Beal including harnesses, carabineers, pulley’s, helmets etc.


Level one

It took me a few minutes to negotiate as my body realized we were a few feet off the ground and I would be using my upper body for support. The planks of wood in level one were thicker and easier to balance on. This was also good for me to adjust my level of comfort being up here. The ropes are strong enough to hold once you get into it.

Level two

By level two my arms were doing great with the support and I was moving from one challenge to the next. It was so nice of John to come and illustrate how to move to the next point. It was also here that we did the second and a much longer zip line across however still on the mainland.

Level three

Once you’ve made it through levels one and two, you’re now a champ, perfectly capable of managing level three! That’s what I told myself…with Fay there to cheer me on, I felt confident that this was doable. My motivation also came from knowing I’d be heading to the zip line after here.

The high ropes course was a challenge I enjoyed taking all the way to the end. I felt like a kid again playing up in the trees and had to keep pushing myself to go to the end. Each level came with a different challenge, making me think of ways to plot my way through it. You could say the same about life right?


Hike and Canoeing around Lake Bunyonyi

We then went on a hike around Lake Bunyonyi islands and got to the pretty top view in about an hour. This being my second time here, was equally amazing as the last time. Fay and I relaxed here for a few minutes taking it all in. This I feel was the perfect way for Fay to celebrate her birthday 🙂

As we walked back down, our guide offered us another tour of the lake in a dugout canoe. I’m slowly building my rowing technique. We promised him we’d return for my birthday in October. I look forward to spending my birthday with friends at Supreme Adventure Park being hosted by John and Roxy!

Have you been to Uganda’s pretty Lake Bunyonyi? Did you go zip-lining, or would you consider the high ropes course? Better yet the entire package like Fay and I did 🙂

Happy weekend,


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