A Luxury Safari Guide To Kruger National Park in South Africa

[Guest post by: Mona Corona]

My husband and I went on a luxury safari on a private game reserve at Kruger National Park in South Africa. We stayed at Kapama Private Game Reserve, which I can’t recommend enough. From our room, it was not unlikely to spot wandering giraffes, Impalas, and other wildlife.

Each room had a door to a porch right on the bush, and our bathrooms had glass windows that faced the outside so even while taking a nice relaxing bath you were sure to spot wildlife. Kapama’s spa was also a highlight, with a beautiful outdoor pool, showers, and bathtubs that all faced a heard of bathing hippos while other animals roamed by. The most amazing thing about staying at Kapama was that even when we weren’t out for a safari, there was never a dull moment as we constantly came across wildlife.

 Safari At Kruger National Park

We were taken on two 3-hour jeep safaris a day; one for sunrise and another for sunset. A major plus about staying on a private game reserve is that all park rangers are in communication about where to go to spot animals, so you don’t waste too much time driving aimlessly.

We were able to spot all of the big 5 (rhino, hippo, lion, cheetah, and elephant) within 2 days of going on safaris. My favorite of all the big game animals to see were the lion cubs! They were so cute and much more playful than their sleepy elder lions. Kapama also offers several excursions during the day in between safari times. I went to visit a cheetah rehabilitation center which I really enjoyed. Back at the lodge, they also keep you very well fed, and the food is delicious! On our final night we enjoyed dinner under the stars, where being so far away from any city light pollution gave an incredible view of the Milky Way.

Packing Guide

The most important thing to consider when packing for a safari at Kruger National Park is protection against mosquitoes. You want to pack a strong mosquito repellent and apply it liberally before going out, and reapply throughout the day.

Next you want to make sure you are wearing the right clothing. It can be very hot when you’re out on a safari, so while you do want to make sure all parts of your body are covered, you want your clothing to be light and breathable. Pack light and neutral colored pants, long sleeved shirts, and jackets to blend in with your surroundings. Colors such as white, cream, tan, beige, green, and brown are all good to wear. Don’t pack any dark or black colored clothing as dark colors attract mosquitos. The mosquitos also love to bite around the ankles, so thick socks or boots that cover your ankles are a must.

You also want to pack a hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen as the sun in Africa can be very harsh. Packing a good quality camera will ensure you get some amazing pictures which are the best souvenirs to take home with you, however a good smartphone camera can be great too. In the middle of our safari we stop to stretch our legs and have tea/coffee and some light snacks. There is also mini bottles of alcohol for sale at this time so if you’d like to have a nice mid-safari drink remember to bring cash.

Lastly, while incidents of malaria are extremely rare in this area of the private reserve, I did pack anti-malaria medication but did not end up using them. It may be a good idea to pack some just in case.

Back at Kapama, mosquitos are well-managed and kept mostly out of rooms and common areas, so light resort wear is perfectly fine. Be sure to pack a bathing suit too to enjoy the pool and spa. Your safari clothes can be re-worn multiple times as you won’t be doing much physical activity while you’re out in the bush, so don’t feel the need to over-pack!

Are you planning a trip to South Africa soon or have you been on safari there before? What are you most excited to see or do! I’d love to know in the comments section.

Read more about Mona Corona’s adventure on her blog and check out her Instagram for more adventures: @monacorona

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