Uganda’s Tropical Hideaway And Giveaway Announcement!

After a poll I took on Instagram where I asked some of you guys whether you would prefer a post on safari or beach trip, majority asked for the beach! Thankfully none of you specified which beach or activities, so I decided to get creative! Brovad Sands Lodge was a recommendation from my friend Debbie and I’m glad she mentioned this tropical hideaway.

I’m also excited to announce that over the next two months, we will run a giveaway for two of you to win this trip (more details about after I share the experience!)

All aboard the Ferry!

We drove to Entebbe to catch the 2pm ferry to Kalangala Island. Being a weekday, there weren’t too many people. It was me, some backpackers, two couples, some families and the ferry staff. I highly recommend VIP where loads of fresh air and views are free. A ticket costs 10,000Ugx for ordinary (with wooden seats) and 14,000Ugx for the VIP at the top (with a bench). This VIP isn’t too exclusive…but the ladies selling the tickets come around to check.

David is the helpful caretaker of the VIP section and I can share his number if you need it 🙂 The ride to Kalangala is three and a half hours. Breakfast, beverages and snacks options are available.

Aside from the slight drizzle on our way back, the VIP section was good. Please not that there is only one ferry all day to and from Kalangala.

Brovad Sands Lodge

Spotting Brovad as we approached Kalangala wasn’t too easy as it is immersed in many trees everywhere. This is how I knew I was going to my kind of place (surrounded by the trees-a tropical hideaway) Once at the reception, we received a hearty welcome, some fresh towels and a glass of freshly squeezed passion juice.

The sun was setting and I caught a glimpse of the last sunset as four German guys played volleyball and a fire was being prepped.

Just before dinner my new friend and I decided to take a dip in the pool as we anticipated rain the next day and the FOMO was too strong! It helped the pool was lit up and the water wasn’t as cold as it looked. Go for it, of you have one day here and plan on having more activities during the day.

Room service and Cottage-life

As anticipated, it rained the next morning from about 8:00am to 4:00pm! I planned to take the 2 hour nature walk, but had to postpone this for next time.  I kept asking the lovely staff whether it would stop raining and they were optimistic that it would. Not the perfect beach getaway I was hoping for, but a cozy breakfast with some good conversation made up for it. For the first time through-out my travels I decided to enjoy my room to the fullest!

The cool thing about Brovad Sands Lodge is their room service option! I know Tasha (and most Ugandans) would love this! Brovad is frequented by couples on their honeymoon or looking for a getaway time together so room service is a nice touch.

So with the rain pouring through lunch, I called in my order for some carrot soup and a vegetarian pizza, which were delicious and left me stuffed!

The cottages, lounge and restaurant are Swahili-style inspired with cute touches of design like the mirror and small ornaments in the lounge next to restaurant and bar. I also loved having the option of a bathtub or shower. The two ladies I met were staying in the villa and I peaked in to appreciate how best suited this would be for a family or group of 5 friends.

It not only has the same style and feel like mine, but has a small balcony where you’re bound to ease back into your Ugandan tropical hideaway 🙂

Restaurant and Lounge Bar

Before dinner, we took the signature blue canoe boat out to catch the sunset and came back to a lovely candle-light set up with views of the beach and sounds of crashing waves. Side note: I don’t know how the fishermen go out there with just a touch light after 7:30pm! At dinner, the ladies and Avi from Nepal, got into some heated conversations about the differences in culture. According to Avi, Nepal and Uganda are quite alike and he felt at peace being here, interacting with people through his travels. In the two days he spent on the island, he managed to meet one of the oldest owners of a property in the area who shared stories from the colonial days here.

We boarded the ferry back to Kampala early Saturday morning and I was sad to leave my comfy bed with fluffy pillows and my soft duvet…

Win A Trip To Brovad Sands Lodge!!

I am happy to announce that courtesy of Brovad Sands Lodge, you my friend can win a full board complimentary trip to experience Ssese Island like we did 🙂

Here’s how to enter:

  1.  Follow Chocolaty Prints and Brovad Sands Lodge on Instagram OR Facebook. If you are not on social media, simply subscribe to the blog and use the comment section to submit your entry!
  2.  Comment on the announcement picture and let us know why you want to take this trip and who you will take and use the hashtag #goingwithbrovad at the end
  3. Tag as many friends as you like!

Two lucky winners will be announced on 2nd May 2018. This is open to Ugandan residents only. (Terms and conditions apply)

Have you been to the Ssese Islands? What was you experience like? I’d love to hear all about it!

Happy travels,


Brovad Sands Lodge sponsored my trip and blog post. All opinions are my own.

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