Travel Program: Art Noise Residency

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Have you set your goals yet? Are you like me browsing the internet for some cool ways to improve your skills or learn something new? 2018 is ours people! I’ve decided to put out more content about interesting programs and events happening lately. Art Noise recently reached out to me with some interesting information!

Art Noise is introducing a residency travel program to recruit independent creatives who are either African or of Black descent as well as those of non-African descent with a keen interest in African arts and culture to engage in a three month travel program in over 3 different African countries for 2018.

The Program is designed for independent visual creatives, designers, and cultural studies students across the world and aims at benefiting students by providing them with valuable educational and work experience in contemporary and ancient African arts and culture and by assisting them in accomplishing their goals. There are opportunities to work with various creative sectors and demographics of people in our selected countries.

Allowance, travel, health, accommodation, safety and insurance will be available all to students selected for the program. The program is open to individuals in any level of education (regardless of their admission status) between the ages of 18 – 35 years and provides the opportunity to work within Africa and to gain experience in various areas.

The application portal opens on the 30th January, so look out for it on their website 🙂

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All images taken by me at: Inema Arts Center Kigali

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