My Adventures with Travel in Uganda: 2017 Review and Blogging Journey

Anyone else feel like 2017 was a year of discovery, epic fails, challenges and unexpected growth? I mean, were you also pushed to your breaking point but still managed to rub that dirt off your shoulder!

I discovered that East, west and Northern Uganda, are uniquely beautiful with distinguishing elements (which I hope) my experiences and photos captured.

Our blog grew to doing more sponsored trips, which I have labelled as [sp] where I collaborated with some cool brands.

Mini Rant: I watched a travel vlogger explain why he wasn’t coming to Africa anytime soon…mostly because air tickets and travel around are expensive, but he also mentioned there not being good enough places for him to stay/’facilities to meet his standards’. I hope he discovers this blog and many others that show we are taking strides in the right direction each year…

January to April

January started with a trip to Barcelona for a weekend, where I made the most out of it by walking around like a little puppy let loose. It was a welcomed break from the winter in Oslo, as my body was beginning to weirdly adapt to the cold. I loved how pretty it got when it snowed, but I’ve never been happier for mildly warmer temperatures.

February was busy, with settling back in, happy to be back with friends and family…



May- June

When I learned about the Mountain slayers in April, I was delighted to sign up for my first trip to Gulu, Fort Partiko. It was my first time sleeping in a tent alone…Hiking with the slayers was one of my 2017 highlights. They have some cool stories to share and I’ll hopefully join for another slay this year.

I also got to track rhinos standing so close I could see a mother and baby feed together. They are huge creatures with unique features…

My ultimate breakfast experience was having an elephant walk towards us for his share in the morning.




July was brightened by our road trip to Fort portal, where we discovered cottages by the crater lakes. I recall us getting stuck in the middle of the road, going up to the cottages and had to call for help. Fort portal was a happy escape from Kampala because the air here is fresh with a way of instantly making me feel relaxed. It’s also easy to explore by boda-boda once you have an idea of where you’d like to go.

I learned about Eco Action and the good work they’re doing in the Banda community to help women and children that were evacuated from their land at the end of 2016. Reagan and his team recycle plastic bottles and use art to educate the children and small community on how to live sustainably…



August had the good and ugly. We lost a dear friend suddenly.

I realized I needed to make some changes and slowly started to implement them. Things started to make more sense to me, with a sudden realization that I was giving too more than i was receiving in some friendships. I resolved to take some bold steps and make new goals. The excitement of making new friends was becoming more toxic than productive. By taking a step back, I was able to think more clearly about what matters most.

My long awaited trip to Kidepo valley national park came through. I loved it so much and would recommend anyone planning a trip to go! The scenery here is unique and makes up for the long hour drive.

Later that month, I repeatedly visited Jinja, and liked it! The haven does not disappoint…



I was already dreaming about 2018, in September. Seemed like the month where I floated by waiting for the holidays. It was also when Nyege Nyege happened and the FOMO was real. My friends described it as crazy fun…

October to November

I took my first trip by bus to Kigali after days of planning and contemplating. Rwanda is a beautiful country I hope I get to explore more. I left energized with positive vibes, feeling like I could be a part of the youthful energy here. I secretly wish I had more reasons to visit regularly…


I enjoyed the holiday season with family and a lot of time around friends 🙂

2018 Goals:

  1. to explore other African countries and share their beauty with the world and experience the unique aspects of Africa and my two home Uganda and Rwanda that you will learn from.
  2. keep working on my photo editing skills and post more consistently. I have two requests from readers so far, which i’d like to incorporate soon…THANK You SO much for your kind remarks and being a part of this journey with me so far! I hope this space inspires you [us] to…
  3. Explore. Life. Boldly; I plan on trying and learning new things.
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