Dining In Kigali: New Cactus

Happy new-year! Yesterday I lazed around the house wondering what to do with my self after a long night out with friends to usher in the new-year. Esther’s aunt was generous to host us at her beautiful home, where dined with good company and watched fireworks 🙂 I’ve decided I won’t pressurize myself with thinking about what I could and should have done in 2017, but rather pull out lighter memories from 2017, like the time we had lunch at New Cactus in Kigali.









I say lunch but what I really mean is a stretched out dessert-fest giving us a chance to spend the afternoon at New Cactus. Guvnor and I decided to check this place out after reading a Lonely Planet review. We were sold by the views of the city.

New Cactus is Mexican styled hacienda on resting on an elevation, with pretty views of the city located on Rue Depute Kayuku in Kiyovu. They have a broad menu of French favorites and some Congolese dishes. They’re open at 12:00am-2pm and 6:00pm-10:30pm.

Two waiters were actually closing when we arrived at about 2:00pm and luckily the chefs accommodated us, despite our lingering browsing of the menu trying to decide what we wanted. Well, you could tell they were nudging us to hurry a bit, but it was nice that they waited.

As we were headed to Heaven Restaurant soon for dinner, we opted for hot beverages and dessert. I had the crepes with green tea while Gunvor went with banana fritters. Both were filling and delicious as anticipated. My crepes and tea were about 5300Rf which I found a bit expensive. Meals go for about 6500Rf and above.

New cactus is a place I would come back to dine with friends and family as their menu looked enticing plus, I adore a pretty evening skyline with Kigali’s city lights. It was pleasant to walk along the street carefree afterward appreciating the flowers bloom, as greyish clouds with rain sparingly let us be.

Have you been eating as much as you desire over the holidays? Where have you most enjoyed to dine and why?









Photos By: Gunvor Eline E Jakobsen

Again, happy fruitful and epic 2018 friends,


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