Sleeping Under the Stars at Katara Lodge

Merry Christmas!I hope you’re somewhere relaxed spending time with the ones you love 🙂

One of the things I’m most grateful for in 2017 has been the possibility to pack an overnight bag and go explore a new place! My sister Tasha who studies over the weekends hasn’t been able to join for most of these trips, but we had a window of opportunity as soon as she finished her exams. We set off for our little Sister-Getaway to Queen Elizabeth national park to relax at Katara Lodge.

Getting there

As mentioned in my previous post, we took the bus to Kasese and then a ‘’special hire taxi’’ to Katara Lodge From Kasese it was about a 55km drive. If you are coming from Mbarara, the turn off should be about 43km north of Ishaka.

The restaurant and lounge

We arrived just in time for a late lunch and were served a fresh glass of juice by Nicholas the manager. We then had sandwiches for lunch and if you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the little corner where we sat and cooled off with gorgeous views of the Queen Elizabeth national park.

This was also where we had dinner and could access the internet best, as there is no internet in the rooms-perfect for tuning out! The Katara menu is also vegetarian and gluten free and meals can be tailored to your needs if you ask in advance.


All nine cottages neatly rest on the edge of the edge of a steep drop so as to take full advantage of the incredible landscape below.

The bath as well as shower both overlook the Savannah and were the perfect way to end the day soaking in the bath…Katara is powered by solar, so target this bath before sunset. The Katara cottages are ideal to lounge in and relax all day with the backdrop of views with your loved ones.

A highlight for our cottage was the bed that could roll out to the balcony! I’ve always wanted to sleep under the stars, although full disclosure I rolled it back in when there seemed to be a slight drizzle. In the morning though, I was back outside and listening to the farmers sing as they walked to cultivate the land. They also sang and beat drums for some reason in the night…

The pool

Resting in the middle of the rift valley views is the pool, where on a sunny day this is perfect to relax and cool off. I loved the large lounge just above the pool and could imagine my friends and I coming here to celebrate my birthday next year or just taking a weekend off to relax 😉

After a dip in the pool, Tasha had a massage which left her feeling very relaxed.

The next morning we had planned for the breakfast by the twin lakes and set off early to catch the sunrise.

Built purely off the appreciation of nature, which is evident from everywhere you go from the lounge, cottages, pool and restaurant there are miles of views of the savannah. Katara lodge is set apart by the peace and quiet with homey and cozy vibes yet tasteful. My only regret is not spending more time in the hammocks…


  • make a booking in advance and consider an extra night to relax and enjoy what the lodge has to offer.
  • There’s a line of stairs leading to the cottages and at night it can get pretty dark so pack a flashlight.
  • If you plan on oversleeping like we did, it would be best to let the staff know what time you prefer to have your breakfast

Have you explored this part of the country? Would you dare roll out that bed to sleep under the stars?

Enjoy the most wonderful time of the year,


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