Getting Around Kampala With Safe Boda

Getting around Kampala can be a menace. If you aren’t too familiar with the roads and traffic peak hours, then you might end up in traffic for hours!! Our transport options include private cars, public mini-buses and the famous boda-bodas.

Ugandans use bodas frequently and most people have a few trusted boda guys they can rely on. Since we already know their names and have used them for a while you can understand how getting acquainted with this app could take time.

When the SafeBoda app first launched, I did not completely understand or trust that a boda guy should know where I was going when I could call my guy…

What is SafeBoda and how It works:

SafeBoda is an app for motorcycle riders around Kampala, similar to uber. Once you’ve signed up, you can request a boda-ride from most places around Kampala by typing in where you are going and then depending on availability of riders in the area, you will receive a call from the rider.

You can also view the estimated price for the ride and track the rider then rate him at the end of the trip. They have a toll free number for calls in case of anything.

I can’t remember when I first tried it, but the rider was careful and I loved that I got a helmet.


These come with hair nets for hygiene since these are shared. The helmet sizes seem to vary in size, which for me has meant sometimes they’re too small when I have my braids. Could also mean that I have a larger head-size than normal…

Who Uses SafeBoda:

I have noticed many more availability of safe bodas in Kisementi, Ntinda and Bukoto. Finding one in some areas like Entebbe and Jinja where we usually travel and would make a good addition…

Anyone with a smartphone can access the app.

Reviews From SafeBoda Users:

A Lecturer At Kyambogo University:

“I was impressed by the professionalism of the rider I used from Makerere to Kyambogo and loved the aspect of safety with a helmet and road etiquette. If I earned more I would even consider using them to drop my kids off at school.

In Kampala you will find the middle class using the app more but for the common-man in Banda, that would like to carry a huge stuck of goods, as well as him and his child, the SafeBoda rider isn’t in position to do so. Riders are trained to drive carefully and inform users about safety. I think there will always be a distinction then between what the ordinary boda and SafeBoda rider offers.”

A Lawyer in Kampala:

“I have a car so the only reason I’m jumping onto one is to run a quick errand or something. I was happy to learn that they double your credit at the beginning of the month if you’re on MTN. There also seem to be have upgraded their map locations.”

SafeBoda Rider-Rwarinda:

“For a rider to join it costs 600,000Ugx to register. Having used the app for four months now, I make a bit more. At my stage, we are usually working with companies that are adding credit to use our services to run errands. The big companies around industrial area are using us a lot.”

SafeBoda riders are different as they are trained in road safety, first aid, customer service and bike maintenance. Are you using SafeBoda ladies and gentlemen in Kampala…What are your thoughts? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Have a swift Boda ride,


Photos by: Gunvor Eline Eng Jakobsen (@gunvoreline)

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