Staying At The Boma Guesthouse

As a mini-celebration of my birthday which was on the 18th, I’m grateful to have had the chance to explore one of Entebbe’s fine B&B’s. As I mentioned before in my previous post, getting to Entebbe is pretty easy if there isn’t any traffic jam. The best route if you are driving from Kampala, is to hit the express highway.

In a quiet surburb the Boma will be on the left side off the road leading to the airport and should be easy to find. I arrived at 7pm and spent a few minutes trying to find my way to the reception as the enchanting walkway lit by lamps was interesting to follow. Once I’d checked in, I could immediately sense that this was going to be a cozy and relaxing stay.

The next morning, I woke up refreshed from a night of peace and quiet in my clean and comfortable room. At breakfast, I got to meet Godfrey who has worked here for four years. There were set waiters to particular tables, which made us to feel pampered (at least I did).

The breakfast menu did not include pancakes or waffles sadly but I enjoyed the fresh muffins and fresh juice. There were two elder couples sitting on separate tables, in the restaurant who were probably on holiday. This was my first solo trip to Entebbe so I was glad to have a book.

Intimate Atmosphere

The Boma is a luxurious guesthouse with an intimate atmosphere, made cozy by the unique pieces of décor neatly selected. Little antique pieces, framed photos, sculptures all probably tell the story of a traveler that decided to make this a resting place.

The two main houses which are the reception and restaurant, were from the 1940s and maintained their old colonial structures giving the Boma its homely feel. The Boma is a family-owned guesthouse and there were mostly tourists and expatriates here, either heading out of Uganda or going on a safari.

Eat and Lounge In the Pool

Below the restaurant is the swimming pool and lounge area with a pool table. I spent the rest of my day here with Patricia and her son Jethro. We lounged by the pool, then went to the children’s playground where Jethro had a proper blast with the toys. He seemed engrossed in his own little corner for a while before we had to go for lunch.

The menu options are varied at The Boma and for lunch I had the Zanzibar fish curry with chapatti and rice (YUM) while Patricia and Jethro had a pizza.

Rest, Relax and Recharge

I was fascinated by the variety flowers and trees here.  There are 16 varied rooms at the Boma, the standard room costs 130$ and a double goes for 154$ to make your reservation with my discounted offer email [email protected]  or call +256756071094. Some of the rooms do not have air conditioning but offer a fan.

Each room has a good shower with hot water, a cool chest at the bottom of the bed, soft pillows and comfortable sheets and an umbrella.

  • Hair dryers are available on request
  • Bring your hammock if you have one 😉

Chase The Sunset In Entebbe

In the evening, Patricia and I went for a walk, hoping to catch the sunset on the edge of Lake Victoria. It was the perfect way to end the drink with a cold drink, watching fishermen cast their nets.

Have you been or would you visit the Boma? Let me know your thoughts.

Your travel-buddy,


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