taking stock 25

As I reflect on September and the previous months, I felt that a great way to start a new month was to revive my ”Taking Stock Series” Here is what has been going on since I last took stock in January. How have the past few months been going for you?

Making : smaller To-do lists and trying to stick to them as things often pile up

Cooking Eating: Plain Yoghurt, which I’m hoping will fill me up all day

Drinking : a medium sized bottle of water *pats back

Reading: Figuring Out Foreigners, A practical guide by Craig Storti -Thank you Carolyn! 🙂

Trawling: for more opportunities to attend some workshops and conferences

Wanting: to fix the cracked screen on my phone

Looking: though old photos of my adventures last year

Deciding: if it’s meant to be it will be

Wishing: the year could slow down a bit as I haven’t quite yet achieved what I wanted

Enjoying: little moments away from everything, by myself a lot more than I would have last year

Waiting: to hear back from a few people

Liking: weekends where we get to chat and catch up

Wondering: what kind of life my kids and great grand kids will have… am i doing enough to plan and prepare for them?

Loving: that in my head everything will work out just fine

Pondering: when I will get that call as promised

Listening: to cars and boda-bodas zoom up and down the road

Considering: new possibilities and staying open to change

Buying: snacks and water for later

Watching: Casablanca later today (again) and episodes of Friends or

Hoping: things work out for us so we have a great start for 2018

Marvelling: at how we seem to be growing up so fast

Cringing: at how much I need to get done before I end the day

Needing: a new phone but seemingly attached to this one

Questioning: some of my decisions to trust a few people

Smelling: breakfast being made down stairs

Wearing: a maxi skirt and vest, with a red sweater

Noticing: I could a little more than I am currently doing

Knowing: that it is by doing several little things consistently that u will see progress

Thinking: about us working together as a team

Admiring: some small projects I’ve visited, that are making an impact for the children

Getting: up to plug in my laptop charger

Bookmarking: some cool events later this month that I hope to be a part of

Feeling: hopeful and determined

Pretending: I can handle all this

Embracing: big changes and dealing with them the best way I can

Happy new month,


Photos:Papa Shabani(@PapaShabani Photography)

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