scenic hike around lake bunyonyi

Carolyn, Kelsey, Frank and I spent a weekend in the calm surroundings of Lake Bunyonyi. I took a little longer than expected to piece this post together as I have been a lot busier lately trying to sort out my life goals and plans. Is anyone else going through the same?

Trying to figure out how best to achieve your dreams without making compromises? Wondering whether you picked the right career and are doing enough to elevate to the next level? This is often why I’m grateful to have wonderful people in my life to get away with and reflect on these issues. This was originally meant to be a Girls weekend away with Rowena and Anita as well, but they couldn’t join this time.

My addiction to this lovely lake should be clear by now…read more about my first visit to Uganda’s Natural Splendor and Views from Arcadia Cottages


Lake Bunyonyi is in the south-west, north of Kabale district and is located at 1,962m above sea level.


It is about 25 km long and 7 km wide covering an area of 61 square kilometers.

Getting there

We drove with Carolyn’s car, which was comfortable and managed the roads very well. Before we knew it, we got a ticket for speeding, which was unexpected since we weren’t going too fast and missed the blurry 50 limit sign. Sigh! We thankfully sorted it out with the officer and were back on the road. We got to Kabale and were able to find our destination after taking a boat to the peninsula.


We went hiking on one of the mornings, with our guide Bright. Being here just has a way of helping you appreciate the beauty of this place, with the locals that have done an excellent job with cultivating the land.

My most memorable moments from here include having the little children spot us from miles away and come down to greet us with such sheer joy! Maybe it was more for the visitors than me, but it was interesting to see how their faces lit up…

We also learned that the children during their holidays wake up early to go and dig and plant the food, so it is ready for their parents to sell by the time a new term starts. I heard that this the views from Lake Bunyonyi are similar to those in some parts in Peru. Can anyone that has been to both confirm this? *adds Peru to Wander-wishlist*

After the hike, we got intimate with the lake by taking a canoe out and testing our skills. Some of us had a hard time and ended up going in circles for a few minutes until we figured out the rhythm…or rather let Frank do it.




On Sunday morning, we woke up to the sound of the Banyankole and Bagyiga drummers singing praises at church from a distance on the other side of hill.

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