experience nyege nyege festival

This weekend was the Nyege Nyege Festival which took place at Nile Discovery beach. Apparently, Nyege Nyege is a noun meaning “the feeling of a sudden uncontrollable urge to move, shake or dance”. Nyege Nyege was inspired by the legendary World Festival of the Black Arts’ that took place in Dakar Senegal in 1966.

This urge we got several times throughout the weekend. Since Friday was a public holiday, it started early Thursday evening, but we arrived Friday morning. We were happily surprised that there was almost no traffic from Kampala, so we arrived early and had the entire day Friday and Saturday, before heading back home on Sunday.

It is always relaxing to get out of Kampala and enjoy the source of the Nile. This weekend was a bit less relaxing than your normal Jinja weekend, but at least twice the fun! The venue was beautifully located by the river Nile and was decorated to artistic-perfection. As it got darker, it got even more beautiful and was well blended with the music playing all day and night long.

With four different stages you got something for the various performers. You could also get all kinds of delicious food and drinks around. So there was really no need to leave the venue, unless you were sleeping outside in a hotel.

Both Saturday and Sunday we had some heavy rain during daytime, but what’s a festival without muddy shoes and the sound of rain on your tent?

We enjoyed music from all over the world and especially enjoyed the African rhythms. At the same time, we were surrounded by friendly and happy people. Nyege Nyege was a blast and we would definitely want to come back!

Guest Post; Text and Photos by:

Jannicke Dovre

(A cool and delightful Norwegian living and working in Kampala)

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