evening in Lokorul village

We got to visit the village of Lokorul, which is within the Kidepo Valley National Park with gorgeous views of the hills on each side of the village during our stay at Apoka Lodge. The lodge has established an ongoing relationship with the village, which offers tours and welcomes volunteers and tourists.

We also noticed a group of campers as we drove in next to the village, who were probably going to hike up Mt. Morongule.

This is a proud tribe, rich in cultural traditions. Their love for cattle is comparable to the better known Maasai of Kenya and Tanzania. Their ways are unique to them and they are a proud warrior-like people, who believe that is their God-given right to cattle.

Here are some of the ways that you can be a part of the community if you decide to visit:

  • You can volunteer in a community clinic and community schools.
  • You can chat with the village elders and participate in activities with the children.
  • You can spend time learning about preparing the local food and building a kraal.

Our tour involved a description of how the day to day of the village is run; which is by a queen who is charge of the people. She was making an evening meal with her daughter in law outside their home.The elders usually eat first and are served by the children.

Goats are mainly collected here, which are cared for by the children. A newly born kid staggering, is the latest addition to the family.

Women here play a vital role. As a young girl here, a symbolic bone is placed on the hut of the one who serves her family best enough to get married into a respectable family.

Our guide describes to us what a good wife should look like. She should be hardworking and bring food and look after the home as well as the children. She is not lazy and collects enough firewood never taking from the one gathered by her neighbor. She is not the most attractive, but she is a good wife. One who is beautiful, prepares really good food for the man is usually lazy as she will spend more time on her outer appearance neglecting her daily tasks.

A good wife will keep a secret Kraal, where she stores her sacred possessions during her marriage. In some cases, the men that find a lazy wife have been known to take from their wife’s secret Kraal. Such a man once discovered is flogged and shamed infront of all the people in the village.



Now for the fun part, we were engaged in dance by the young people, who challenged me to jump higher than I did. With the rain now pouring and the sun setting on Kidepo national park, my attempts were cut short…

All in all, i was grateful to have experienced this new culture different from my own.

Your travel-buddy,





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