travel outfit: wander your way

If you had asked me what my plans were 2 years ago, I doubt I’d have an answer for you. I’m still trying to figure it all out. Society and culture tries to convince us that we need to have it all figured out or that things must be done in a certain way- yet we keep growing and evolving.

Leave room for new ideas and make mistakes. I am giving myself time to figure things out…It is OK not to have it all figured out, as long as you are doing small things everyday to reach your dream.

Do you ever just let your mind wander? About places undiscovered or new to you? For some reason, going outdoors has evolved from being this scary unknown place to a safe space for me to wander and reflect on my decisions in life. Being out there is extremely refreshing.

Last month I learnt some new skills like how to pitch up and fold tent, slept under a sky of a million stars, disconnected from social media and technology which all made me feel like I was getting one step closer to becoming badass. I feel so small amidst wide landscapes and thick savannah.

I’ve been able to feel extremely satisfied with my potential…I have not achieved all my goals and dreams yet but it feels good to just keep trying. To be making small efforts here and there.

Three things I Know for sure:

  • I know you will discover something new about yourself by stepping out of your comfort zone
  • Heading out to a new place and boldly experiencing something different, will be awesome!
  • If you are determined and open-minded, anything is possible when you want it bad enough

We all have dreams want to achieve BUT there can seem to be several huddles to get through to reach them. My hope is that we continue to wander and dream of being more 🙂

Keep wandering,


Photos by: Papashabani Photography (@papashotit)

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