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By this time last Saturday, I was indulging in a little stay-cation at Rosemary Courts in Entebbe. It was an absolute joy to be here again, as this was where we surprised Joe for his birthday two weeks back.

Rosemary Courts is a small hotel located on Circular Road Bugonga, Entebbe (extremely close to the airport). It is a perfect place to spend your first or last night in Uganda, should you desire to splurge on a night or two of extreme relaxation.

About the Hotel

Rosemary Courts is a family owned hotel that was established four years ago, in the Entebbe suburbs as a place for pure relaxation. It is immersed in palm trees, which perfectly surround the place and its facilities. One has to appreciate the neatly trimmed gardens and well-kept compound right from the entrance.

We were welcomed by the friendly waitress from the bar, who showed us to the reception, where we checked in. Saturday morning is a great day to check in, as were weren’t the only ones already there. The place is really quiet and you would hardly notice that there are other people there with you.

Now for the rooms, (which are 8 in total) were my absolute favorite, are airy and clean-REALLY CLEAN! The bed makes you want to jump onto it immediately (which I confess I did)

The view of Lake Victoria from my room was stunning, which made me want to sit at the balcony for hours, either reading or relaxing with my feet up.. I’m constantly trying to find places that offer serenity and privacy, allowing me to relax and unwind. Saturday was spent sitting by the window, watching sunset-chasers head to the beach. On Sunday, my balcony view was where I enjoyed a delicious breakfast.

Tip: As it is really close to Aero beach and the airport, you will hear sounds from the road side, more from the second floor. The first floor however is nestled by palm tree views and swimming pool right below.

Joggers’ Paradise

On Sunday morning, I woke up naturally and decided to go for a run along the clear paths. Children were holding hands heading to Entebbe Parish Church where cars were packed outside. This brought back fond memories…

My run was one of the best I’ve and in a while, mostly because of the fresh morning breeze! This was rewarded with a delicious breakfast in bed afterward, because I really wanted more time in the room. They do however serve a great selection of options down stairs in the dinning area, with a variety of fresh fruit, cereals, eggs and yummy pancakes!

After a hearty breakfast, with the sun now fully risen, I decided to relax in the pool, which is under the green and golden palm tree leaves. It felt very peaceful and quiet like i was the only one there, which added to the tranquility and relaxation.

When we decided to head home, I was sad to leave this little lap of luxury. I plan on coming back for a tea party or for a day out of the city to swim. Next time you are in Entebbe, look out for Rosemary Courts and I promise you will love it! I am SO grateful for Miana and Ayub, for making my stay here an absolute delight 🙂






Are you planning a trip to or from Entebbe soon? Have you been to Rosemary Courts before, i’d like to hear all about it in the comments below. If you are desire a little weekend-escape, find out what their best rates are here

Photos: @Papashotit

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