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Hi friends,

I love the idea of sharing different travel stories with all kinds of people, so I will every week try and post a feature on the experiences of the different travellers I meet. I decided to start with some of the slayers who were kind enough to share their stories. Richard Byamugisha is an IT manager at an Automative company in Kampala. Here are his thoughts on hiking and “slaying” mountains

  1. What inspired you to join Mountain Slayers Uganda?

Being a man who puts in a lot in relationships, my first breakup was very devastating. I tried to find all ways to get this lady off my mind. I tried church, overnights, drinking etc but all was in vain. I remember, it was the long Easter weekend of 2013 that my boy friends decided we go climb Mt. Muhavura. I reflected while on the climb and I have never been the same person ever since. Mountains & hikes have a secret that I still long to find. To cut the short story short, I found myself with Mountain slayers since it’s the only group that I know of in Uganda doing this.

  1. How do you think photography enhances travel especially in Uganda?

I’m not the biggest fan of Photography, as I prefer keeping all my experiences in my photographic memory but I think it’s something that brings the hidden to those who can afford to physically reach them.

  1. Having traveled extensively through different parts of Uganda, where have you liked it most and why?

I love travelling. I have been to most game parks in Uganda. I have also extensively travelled out of Uganda to places like Serengeti. In Uganda, Murchison falls National game park beats all those places I have been to but it can’t be compared to the experience I had in Serengeti. It has a diversity of animal life.

  1. Describe your ideal landscape in three words.

Steep rugged rock

  1. What has been the greatest hike (or travel experience) you pursued this year?

Nothing yet. Just looking forward to Mt.Rwenzori. Guess it will be my highlight for the year


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