Hanging Out With Giraffes: Staying At Chobe Safari Lodge

How often do you get to hang out with giraffes and relax on the River Nile? I mean, how graceful and beautiful are they?! If you asked which animal I’d like to be (or see myself as) I’d say giraffe for sure…long neck and legs, long eyelashes, an amazing calm demeanor- that’s me already!

Day One & Getting there

Saturday morning, as pilgrims walked to Namugongo, we drove 4 hours on the smooth Gulu road. Destination; Chobe Safari Lodge.

We arrived at about 2:30 and were welcomed by the staff at the doorway with a refreshing glass of passion fruit juice.

We checked into our rooms and were soon ready for lunch by the beautiful deck with an expansive view of the River Nile. One can’t miss the architectural beauty of warm pieces used to design Chobe Safari Lodge.

The décor and overall feel have a way of making one feel relaxed and pampered!


We opted for the 1 hour nature walk and a game drive for day 2. As we arrived late, we weren’t able to get our fishing gear ready in time. Chobe Safari Lodge however offers fishing (where some of the largest fish have been caught), bush breakfasts, visit to Murchison falls and game drives.

Our nature walk started at the Chobe airstrip, led by our wonderful guide knowledgeable about the various animals and their behaviour. We soon found a large group of timid Rothschild Giraffes.

Our guide told us about one particular giraffe called Francis, who wasn’t afraid of visitors, unbothered whenever people approached.

As we continued, we came really close to a herd of buffalos, saw cobs and vavet monkeys. Our walk ended at the animals’ salt lake where they come for refreshment from the heat.

Our Rooms

I stayed in one of the standard rooms while Timothy stayed in a really cool tent. We both had spectacular views of the River Nile, with the sounds of hippos throughout the night. You’re almost assured of a peaceful night’s sleep at Chobe Safari Lodge as it is very quiet.

Day Two

Sunday was blissful. Waking up re-energized and ready to seize the day, I couldn’t resist taking an hour to reflect and journal at my deck view, listening to hippos yawn, birds wake up with the River Nile’s soothing flow.

The climax of our Day 2 was having an elephant come over while we were having breakfast, enjoying his refreshment from the River Nile shore. This was after we came from a game drive where we saw a few more animals. We later managed to get really close to him when he strolled by the rooms.

We later took a dip in the swimming pool, to cool off as one should on a Sunday :)I also couldn’t resist a relaxing aromatherapy massage after the day’s activities( I can never resist a spa day!)

To crown our stay, we appreciated the majestic African sunset. I must say Chobe met all my expectations, from the helpful manager, staff, to whom I say thank you all!

If you need time for some R&R on your own, with your loved ones and friends, I definitely recommend Chobe Safari Lodge.Please email me if you have any inquiries or need assistance with your booking 🙂

I would love to hear some of your Chobe Safari Lodge memories when you last visited!

Your travel-buddy,


Photos: Timothy Latim(@t_latim)




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