5 reasons to take a Ugandan Roadtrip

Besides flying, taking a car and going on a road trip is one of my favorite ways to travel. This past weekend we drove about 5 hours to Chobe Lodge (blog post coming up) which is located in Northern Uganda.

Road trips allow me to take a break from the city, from my phone, social media and pending tasks for a few hours. They are a way to prove to myself that I can get creative and be bold enough to get myself from home and back.

I learn something new about myself and the places I visit each time.I mostly enjoy this with my close friends and family, as well meeting new people along the way.

Last year some of my favorite road trips were to Paraa (Uganda) Grossglockner (Austria) Trysil and Lillehammer (Norway). Are you planning a road trip within Uganda soon?

Here are some of the reasons I feel you will enjoy it;

1 Flexibility with your time; when driving with friends or family, the schedule and any other arrangements are totally up to you. You can take as many breaks as you like, as well as stop and buy road side food like hot gonja, rolex, matooke, fresh mangoes and other fresh fruit and vegetables in bulk at a pocket friendly price.

This is also an excellent gift for those you either live or work with when you return…Another great thing is that the trip doesn’t have to be so long, so you can be back in time for work on Monday

2.Quality time with loved ones are made easy with a road trip as you get to spend time in the car for hours (if they don’t decide to sleep the whole ride) Without your phones and other gadgets getting in the way, you can enjoy the music and maybe play some games and laugh over old memories.

3. Appreciate nature and the fresh air Uganda is gifted with such lush, green, vegetation and terrain. The air out on the road when travelling can be relaxing. You just might spot some monkeys and baboons like we did on our way to Gulu. Being in the moment whilst on these road trips will allow you appreciate everything around you.

I also try to stay positive while on these trips and see it as an adventure…

4 Create memories with road trip music What’s a road trip without dope music to fill the car and sing along to? Count on me to sing out loud if I know the song, or turn up the volume and pretend to be those people in the movies. I love creating a playlist when I can or discovering new kinds of music like I did this past weekend…

I also love deep meaning full conversations with my loved ones.

5 Discover new towns and create your own Itinerary this is a great way to learn a bit about a new culture and meet new people. There are many interesting things to see along the way and people can be very helpful when you need them. Try and speak their language and this will make it even better.

Uganda has very nice people! On several occasions, strangers have been willing to help if we had car trouble.

Have you been on a road trip recently? Where to? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below and some of the things you enjoyed or did not enjoy about it.

Photos by: Latim Timothy(@t_latim)

Happy road trippin’,


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