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I love Instagram and can say it’s my favorite social media platform. 2017 has been shaping up really well, since I’ve interacted with very many people through my Instagram Dm’s. The interaction with those that find value in what I share and have similar interests is what has me hooked!

Instagram has become this display of what how my dream life would be…or can be…As an optimist, it’s a great way for me to share the positive side of my life, reminding me to be grateful (alittle vain-hihi) but mostly grateful.

Here (in no particular order) are my go-to Instagram pages for Travel inspiration:

  • Irene Explores by Irene is a photographer that currently is in Cape town and documents her daily life. She also captures her daily life in Kampala beautifully.
  • Shirabo by Emily who is now in Madrid. I love reading about her adventures as she tells stories in detail with dope photos. Her posts on her travel blog about Uganda and Kampala are also a fun- read!
  • Oleebranch by Olive who has had her travel blog for a while and isn’t afraid to do pretty much anything! I admire her boldness and love for adventure. Take a journey with her through her descriptive writing!
  • Keezire does some pretty cool stuff on her Instagram and I discovered her blog through my sister, who went on a trip with her to Malindi. Love love love it!
  • Khukyenda by Fay is Fay’s blog with tips and thoughts on all things travel. I love that she curates content on her trips and shares helpful tips on travel. She also features other travelers for inspiration. I can’t wait to meet or go on a trip with her someday!
  • T_latim by Timothy is some dope shots of EVERYTHING Ugandan… you need to check his page out if you are looking to see things a little different.
  • RWLED by Vanessa is Read Watch Listen Eat Drink; this is Vanessa’s way of sharing her adventures with the world. I’m hoping she continues to share her travels with us in video as well

I hope enjoyed finding these guys and follow along on their adventures 🙂 Who are your favorite travel bloggers?

Have a lovely week,


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