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Happy new year 🙂 here’s to continued progress!

For the joys and lows, regrets, fears and everything in-between, I am grateful for a fresh chapter in 2017. I know it will be good!

As i think about resolutions and review this past year, which has been both tough and rewarding in it’s own way, I choose to carry on in the spirit of positivity. We have managed to accomplish so much, which I feel we should be proud of, other than think of the past mistakes, failure and unfulfilled dreams & goals.

I hope we (or i) remember that the new year isn’t the only chance at a fresh start, but each morning we wake up.

I hope to take the successes from 2016 into this year, to do even better, as there truly are endless possibilities to what we can achieve. 2016 taught me to keep pushing my limits and placing myself in completely new situations where I had to cope…fast!

Do you have any brags, gratitude and desires from 2016 or resolutions in 2017? Do share!

Making: progress with my new course 🙂 and hoping to finish soon

Playing:  more jazz tunes lately

Deciding: to keep striving for quality over quantity in all my work

Wish: to keep creating and expressing myself creatively whilst inspiring others

Hoping: to travel more and discover more new places this year. The world is a beautiful place and I am hoping to explore it much MUCH more…

Liking: that I have learned to ask and identify what I want, like and don’t like

Wondering: whether Emily and I will get to see the northern lights

Loving: that I have learned to stand for what I believe in and been open to learn more about others’ beliefs and values  

Pondering: when to go see Passengers and with who?

Considering: ways to be less introverted sometimes, to put myself out there and speak up for what I want.

Enjoyed: new beginnings and the thrill of immersing myself in a new culture, getting to meet all kinds of people these last few months in Oslo

Watching: Tony Robbins is always refreshing and pumps me up!

Needing: some sunshine: the dark days are tedious

Noticing: that living away from home for the first 3 months was exciting, but not the same without the ones you love!

Knowing: that the past year has opened up so many opportunities by me pushing myself: it’s not easy moving out of your comfort-zone, but the rewards are great when we do. I have met some wonderful people who have helped me grow as an individual

Thinking: I’ll need to start journaling again soon

Appreciating: the little things…

All we can do is dream and really live life fully! So I wish you courage, openness to learn from every experience (good and bad) to make even more progress in 2017! Thank you SO much for reading my blog and following me on this journey.

Big hugs and flowers,


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