taking stock 23


October was spectacular for several reasons. I turned a year older and celebrated with my colleagues in Oslo and had a wonderful dinner with my sweet friends Cornelia and Kjersti. It was wonderful having friends to celebrate with as I was away from home. I also got to spend a weekend with Linda, Marcus and Kiara in Vienna. Getting to go to up the magnificent Glossglockner was amazing and exploring the city was such a great experience. I hope I can do some more travel within Norway these next few months and enjoy the magical scenery here.

I bragmanaging to explore several places on my own lately. Solo travel isn’t so bad you guys…infact, I highly recommend it for any one having doubts and fears. It helped clear my mind and give me new energy.

Gratitude: for the amazing friends and people I’ve interacted with and learned so much from especially at work!

I desire: to keep living life creatively and expressing more of my artistic side through this blog…

Do you have any brags, gratitude and desires from this past month or new month?

Making: more To-Do lists …I have so much to get done

Cooking Eating: cookies (Freia cookies) and pomegranate- strange combo I know….

Drinking: (not as much water) as I’d like to lately

Reading: Lonely Planet -on Europe and wander lusting the hours away

Wanting: to break into dance sometimes on the train on my work commute…

Looking: at options for an application for my Masters in Multiculturalism and international studies (really want to do this)

Playing: Bruno Mars 24k( bobbing my head) And Alive Madden (Love it!)

Deciding: that staying in over the weekends is much needed to just relax and chat with Kenneth and Penilope

Wishing: I could sort out my finances out

Enjoying: several cups of tea to me warm

Waiting: to see how things turn out after this round exchange

Liking: how this year has helped me mature and just appreciate life and progress in my journey much more

Wondering: where all the snow suddenly disappeared to and leaving it windy

Loving: the soothing sound of jazz tunes as I work and do some chores

Pondering: how much more of Europe I am able to see before I have to go back home soon

Considering: baking a cake or some cupcakes this weekend

Watching: Pride and Prejudice the other day was one really good!

Hoping:  to get a new phone soon

Celebrating: many birthdays this coming month has been so much fun!

Needing: another cup of green tea

Smelling: coco nut oil

Wearing: enough layers to keep me warm

Following: some cool podcast series

Noticing: that this coming week has so much more planned out for work than last

Knowing: Penilope and I need to practice our Norwegian more before tomorrow’s class

Thinking: I’ll need to put less pressure on myself and that I should try to worry less about the future

Admiring: the first day’s result of my twist out

Mixing: all kinds of essentials oils to keep my skin moisturized-mostly baby oil, shea butter and coconut oil for now

Buying: more yoghurt and fruit tomorrow

Getting: excited about George and Akaliza’s weddings next year…

Bookmarking: different dates

Disliking: this cough and my nose running all the time

Opening: up to the idea of enjoying my life as it is, and seizing more imperfect opportunities after watching Seth Gordin 

Giggling: at myself when I miss the bus

Feeling: relaxed and refreshed for a new week

Snacking: on roasted g-nuts

I hope November is fulfilling all your goals and plans. Have an excellent week-You got this,



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