taking stock 21 and 22


The past two months have been eventful as you can imagine, since I moved to Oslo. I enjoy my work and have amazing colleagues sweet enough to help me out when I ask silly questions… Working in this new environment has opened up my mind, which I am happy to keep learning from.

Not coming when I was supposed to (which was 5 months ago) makes my being here finally worth it, but also kind of strange since I need time to figure stuff out!

I brag: trying several new things since coming here. I’m enjoying learning this new completely different culture than I’m used to, which hopefully will grow onto me…

Gratitude: for the amazing friends (both old and new) and people I’ve met so far, that have been so kind, helpful and offered me free survival tips while here…thank you my friends! THANK YOU ♥♥

 I desire: to find dance classes here that get me moving like sukuma… 

What are your brags, gratitude and desires from these past months? I’d love to hear everything :

Making: mental plans to go see baby Kiara and Linda soon

Cooking Eating: a hot bowl of oats with raisins and honey.yum yum

Drinking: cold green tea

Reading: The life changing magic of tidying up by Kon Mari

Wanting: some more hair products after listening to a podcast on treatments for natural hair

Looking: up several translations from Norwegian to English mostly for when I’m trying to find something in the supermarket

Playing: Khuli Chana – One Source (ft KayGizm, Victoria Kimani and Sarkodie) Don’t you- Atwal, Shake this feeling-Switchfoot and Not nice- Partynextdoor

Deciding: that catching the sunset by aker brygge is an excellent idea, especially with the pretty skyline in the evening

Wishing: for that just-traveled-and-arrived feeling, when you’re in a new place and soaking in your new environment…especially with great people around you (you know what I mean?)

Enjoying: time on y own, more and more which I would never have anticipated…

Waiting: till Sunday to go the market

Liking: my water intake lately

Wondering: about our destiny and the way things are meant to be…

Loving: long or short walks from work, also how handy the ‘Map my run’ app

Pondering: whether to sign up for yoga or not

Considering: more cod liver tablets and vitamin supplements

Watching forgetting: to post on all my social- again!

Hoping: I push through this weird feeling and manage to finish my tasks in time

Celebrating: Christmas with Aleksandra and Rebecca this year in Kristiansund will be wonderful!

Needing: another HOT cup of green tea

Smelling: like baby oil

Wearing: as much wool as I can to keep warm at night

Following: old episodes of Friends on Netflix

Noticing: that I spend a lot of time in front of a screen and that my new glasses could not have come at a better time

Knowing: it’s best to aim to become a better version of myself

Thinking: I’ll find my way around this place sooner or later

Admiring: the transition of seasons

Mixing: different kinds of salads and sandwiches…turkey slices-I love you

Buying: wool and winter gear (sort of)

Getting: into head wraps now that I will have my hair out

Bookmarking: wool sweaters and vests

Disliking: this cough and my nose running all the time

Opening: up to the idea of hiking more often

Giggling: at this YouTube clip

Feeling: SUPER grateful that I have the sweetest friends and colleagues that make sure I stay warm as the days here get colder

Snacking: on red grapes

Coveting: colder days here and how my body will handle it

Helping: myself to this white sneakers bar

Hearing: cars zoom off to work

I hope October has the best in store for you and I,

Happy new month,



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