hiking in Norway: Mount Trysil

By this time last week, we were deep into our 4km walk, up the beautiful Mount Trysil, to celebrate my friend Anders’ birthday in Trysil. Trysil is such an amazing place that I would gladly visit over and over again, especially with the skiing season coming up.

There were many families out to ride bikes on the trails and practicing for the ski season. We had the perfect weather out, as the temperatures are slowly changing so it was not too hot or cold. Hiking up with the scenic views the higher we got was crazy-gorgeous, with the colors of the leaves and grass!

Also in the crazy-gorgeous department was the cabin we stayed at, with the best view of Mount Trysil. It’s almost hard to believe I hiked up to the top seeing it from the cabin 🙂








As we approached the top, it was kind of scary going up with so many rocks at the same time and the weather getting colder and colder for me despite having the right clothing.

I forgot to carry the two most important things (after snacks and drinks of course) which were a handkerchief and chap stick which I usually have EVERYWHERE, but not when needed them the most. Smh. I had to get creative…HA!!!






My two cents for anyone going on a hike for the first time;

  • Pack a small backpack with sunglasses, hand sanitizer, handkerchief and lip balm.
  • Know your surrounding or go with someone who knows the trail- very important
  • Dress appropriately-in light layers which you can either add on or take off as you go.










This hike taught me that I didn’t have to be an expert hiker to follow the trail all the way up, which was a good work out too! Here’s what I love about hiking so far:

  • It’s free! All you do is pick a destination and just get out there
  • Great form of exercise: I was surprised at how hard I was breathing as we walked up, so learnt to adjust my pace to my level, as we walked up uneven terrains. Not sure how many calories I burned, but my body was thanking me at the end.
  • Hiking is also a calming activity I came to learn thanks to Anders. The more relaxed you are as you walk the easier it gets. Being well-enclosed in nature, surrounded by rocky platforms and tall trees, you are forced to tune out everything else, to focus on the climb. By the end as we walked back down I felt more relaxed and invigorated after the hike.






Making it all the way to the top was rewarding: the view and feeling of accomplishment was worth it! I feel so blessed to see the beauty of the world and hope that you too can get out more and explore more…

“May your trails be crooked, winding, dangerous, leading to the most amazing view.” Edward Abbey

Do you hike or have you been hiking or travelling lately? What are some of your hiking tips?

Much love and positive vibes,


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