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Wow! July went by slower than expected, but I feel like we’re jumping into August with more excitement. I tried to do as much as i could especially with work…

I bragtrying out a spin class and sweating like a pig, till the end. After month of bad eating and shrugging off exercise, it caught up with me. It’s been a delight to have people like Esther and Tasha take this path too, which has kept me motivated.

Gratitudethankful to finally have my visa and make travel plans to live somewhere new for 6 months!

 I desire: to challenge myself more and get out of my comfort -zone

What are your brags, gratitude and desires from July? Please share!

Making: new plans for my work and new roles…

Cooking Eating: a bowl of diced pineapple

Drinking: green tea: trying out this new brand called Alokozay

Reading: about solo travel

Wanting: a bag that can fit all these shoes

Looking: for my black blazer

Playing: the Open Heaven album by hillsong *heart emoji

Deciding: to meet two more people today, after the saalon, or vise versa

Wishing: It all goes well for my friend and colleague Moreen!

Enjoying: days where I get so much done and enough sleep! Time tends to by so fast lately, it can get over whelming.

Waiting: to get my nails done

Liking: that I will be all packed and ready to leave soon

Wondering: if I packed everything I need

Loving: that I got to travel with Tasha to Paraa Safari lodge for her birthday

Pondering: what caused my recent break outs, that have been really ichy

Considering: getting a massage

Watching forgetting: to post on Instagram

Hoping: I’ve packed enough for my trip

Celebrating: family, love and new friendships

Needing: His grace as I journey into a new beginning in a new country

Smelling: my delicious tea and pineapple

Wearing: this green t-shirt I got from the last Kampala City Festival *again! With my dark blue lesu

Following: some cool vloggers, hoping i’ll learn something

Noticing: that I spend a lot of time in front of a screen and that my new glasses could not have come at a better time

Knowing: I will make new friends and build new relationships with time

Thinking: about all my friends and dinner last night at Mediterraneo

Admiring: my mom and how healthy she eats, at breakfast lunch and dinner!

Mixing: fruit and tea, cause I’m special that way

Buying: bikinis to inspire me get into shape

Getting: into my new look: faux locs which I hope won’t damage my hairline

Bookmarking: long sweaters and booties

Disliking: this random cough

Opening: new sticky-note lists on my desktop

Giggling: at this text message, from my friend

Feeling: hopeful and energized by this quote:

“You don’t have to be a fantastic hero to do certain things — to compete. You can be just an ordinary chap, sufficiently motivated to reach challenging goals.”

Sir Edmund Hillary

Snacking craving: Tasha’s apple pie and ice-cream in the fridge

Coveting: spin class later today

Helping: myself to Tasha’s closet before I leave, because that’s what sisters are for 🙂 hello dark denim pants!

Hearing: my alarm go off today will mean it’s Go time! wish me luck 🙂

I hope August will be bloom only great things for you and I,



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