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Forgive the sudden silence lately, as I have moved from the pearl of Africa and got caught up with work and life…

I have always wanted to travel. I loved the stories I heard from my friends that had places to go every summer or holiday. The idea of living in a totally new place fascinated me! Foreign lands excite me, the food, culture and ways of living are all amazing to learn about.

It’s been two weeks and I feel I’ve almost settled into my neighborhood in Norway, I can tell that my experience here will be thrilling. We traveled to Norway on the 3rd August, Kenneth (my colleague from work and I) which I was thankful for.

Why Norway?

I will live in this picturesque country on staff exchange with FK Norway. FK Norway supports exchanges between staff from organisations in Norway, Africa, Latin America and Asia. After two partner organisations have agreed on an idea, FK supports the exchange for staff for a given period of time.

Of course adjusting to the lifestyle here will be challenging, especially as I need learn Norwegian ASAP and learn that things here work very differently from what I’m used to. I know i’ll learn so much from Norway, not just at work but in life

Gosh I miss my family and friends! This is the furthest I’ve traveled from them, and yes I’m a big girl who should be as strong, independent and confident as these Norwegian ladies seem, but no! I miss the ease with everything back home.

Things I’ve noticed so far:

  1. It isn’t easy to adjust to a new culture and life, where i hardly understand the language. This has taught me to pick up on body language and different social ques. I am working closely with the Faculty of Education and International studies, with the International team, where i am learning so much about what goes into preparing students to study abroad in Uganda for 3-6 months.
  2. Train, trum and bus etiquette (which I’m still learning). Everything about bodas and taxi conductors doesn’t apply here lol!
  3. Walk faster or maybe bike. Oh and ask for help in the nicest way possible when you get lost.
  4. The food choices are not what i’m used to, but have started enjoying this healthier side of me…*Note to self: send for some akabanga
  5. Phone calls with my family make everything better 🙂

I felt lost about what to write about when I got here. The essence of my blog was ( is) to potray the beauty of Uganda, so Norway is a new unfamiliar territory but, I now see this change as delightful for all of us. I know we’ll all enjoy it 🙂

If you’re in Oslo, I hope we’ll meet up soon!

Wishing you a productive new week,


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