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Name: Mary Ainomugisha (Marie)

Dream job: Doubling being a Financial Consultant and a Creative Director (scope: lifestyle, fashion, travel, film and food blogging)

Passionate about: Food, Fashion photography, Natural hair, Feminism

Currently listening to: Yuna, Nao, Ibeyi, Kaytranada, Flume

Favourite Spots: Holy Crêpe and Khana Khazana (with family)

Hi, tell us about yourself and your natural hair journey:

It took me a while to get used to my kinky 4c texture and avoid slipping to the relaxer/perm side of life. It surely wasn’t as curly the as girls in the YouTube videos and it doesn’t comply with wash and go’s as easily as other type 4s.

I just learned to love my hair the way it is and love the history behind the least appreciated hair type in the hierarchy of beauty standards. Over the past 3 years I’ve shed a lot of hair through trying a number of products that don’t work for my hair and through excess heat damage chasing inches for straight hair. I’m just glad I finally have a regimen that keeps my hair healthy.

Did you big chop? If so what are some tips for someone looking to do so?

I never had one… I just grew my hair right after high school. My advice is get it done from the very start because having two hair textures is difficult to maintain. Grab the bull by the horns and level that cut from the get go. Or…. you can just keep trimming portions per month if you’re that scared of fully transitioning.

What have you been looking forward to doing in 2016?

It’s already June so this is a tough one (haha). I’m looking forward to running through my academic projects with ease and good grades. I hope to have a number of brand collaborations and endorsements for my blog. I also hope to get more camera lenses and equipment for a fashion studio I want to start in due time.

Currently can’t stop wearing…

Lag large-base shoes, mum jeans and leather jackets.

What influences your style?

Anything I find comfortable and unique. Fashion based Pinterest boards, Fashion bloggers and creators like lehautestyle, Parkandcube, Melissaswardrobe, Lulamawolf, Shionat et cetera (I could go on and on)

Your regime…
I deep condition every week and when I have time I add protein treatments like yogurt, avocado and eggs etc.
I moisturize my hair with a mixture of raw apple cider vinegar diluted in water.
I oil every two to three days with coconut oil or shea butter.
After a few months I cut the tips of my hair. This helps with the annoying split ends a bit.
 I stick to styling that doesn’t spoil my hairline for example Box braiding and Ethiopian style cornrows. I’m yet to explore the wig life because it’s a great escape from a tedious maintenance schedule.
What are your favorite protective styles and why?
I love twist outs and twisted cornrows which I normally tie before I go to sleep.
I like pretty much any style as long as it’s spaced or boxed so I don’t shed much hair when I undo it.
Your Current fave products?
I have plenty but definitely the Good hair collective products especially the berry smoothie and tea tree shampoo. Raw shea butter and Raw apple cider vinegar (despite the rancid smell) work like magic too.

Has your style changed drastically over the years?

Tremendously! I used to limit my wardrobe to uncomfortable body-con dresses, pumps, platform heels and chiffon blouses. If I could go back in time and change some things, my style would be one of those.

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