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Happy new month! I’m suddenly excited about July after having mixed feelings about it and what lay ahead. Now that it’s here I can’t help but feel pumped to take on some new challenges.

I bragmaking progress towards my goals this year.

Gratitudethe amazing people I’ve recently connected with that understand and are optimistic about my journey

I desire: to save more and spend less…

What are your brags, gratitude and desires this month?


Making: new appointments and programs left, right and center

Cooking Blending: a delicious smoothie using plain yoghurt… because it’s healthier

Drinking: apple and cinnamon tea

Reading: this post on living a minimalist lifestyle

Wanting: a fresh start every now and then and to apologize for any mistakes I’ve made 🙁

Looking: at how beautiful the weather turned out to be today

Playing: or rather replaying the best piano instrumental while I work

Deciding: to make a habit of taking off all my makeup (thoroughly) at night!

Wishing: all my travel dreams would come to pass, so I can see, snap and explore what goes down across international waters

Enjoying: life lately…yeah I think I’m enjoying it

Waiting: for the perfect moment can at times suck!

Liking: exciting emails regarding collaborations

Wondering: whether this cough is completely gone

Loving: water and all its greatness for my skin

Pondering: what to snack on next

Considering: new protective styles for this month

Watching forgetting: that I cannot and will never please everyone

Hoping: to see my friend’s baby tomorrow afternoon

Celebrating: life with Psalm 103:5 (He fills my life with good things)

Needing: to sit up straight and get my posture right (I’d appreciate a polite reminder)

Smelling: my delicious tea

Wearing: this green t-shirt I got from the last Kampala City Festival

Following: posts about flowers on Instagram because Pretty!

Noticing: I’ve put off getting those glasses for way too long

Knowing: it will all work itself out somehow. It always does

Thinking: almond oil for my face before bed is the ish… also The Moisture Well’s Shea butter for my skin…

Admiring this white seasoneverything white!

Mixing: up my tasks and priorities

Buying: white grape juice was a fail today. Tasha loves white grape, I prefer red grape juice (both were out of stock)

Getting: used to plain yoghurt…we realized it makes more sense buying it from Game.

Bookmarking: my long list of cool stuff until my bank account decided to work with me

Disliking: this tummy ache

Opening: my messages more than usual

Giggling: at this shinny face

Feeling: super accomplished after I finish these taking stock pieces

Snacking craving: Indian since Tasha introduced me to that place at the mall!

Coveting wasting: precious evenings watching episodes of Scrubs other than getting some exercise in…it ends today

Helping: when not as much as I should

Hearing: children’s laughter and doors being slummed…

I wish you joy, accomplishments and fun this month,




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