how to arrive in style: uber Uganda

Happy new week guys! June and July, came with less worry about the hustle of either slow taxi drivers or careless boda riders. I’ve switched to ”ubering” my way around Kampala and on the days that I can’t afford to, I’ll either walk or run. Ha!

Uber, an on-demand service, seamlessly connects you with a private driver at the tap of a button recently launched in Kampala in June!

What I love most about it, is that my movements to and from meetings, errands around town or even events will be in a clean air-conditioned car! The convenience of ordering a ride is amazing, as well as safe since my mum and sister can track my rides.

karen-7 (1)




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I also can’t resist a bargain: as they are cheaper than taxis. An added bonus is that we get to rate our Uber driver; based on his service…I also LOVE that you can share a ride if you and friend are heading in the same direction. Whoop whoop!

I’ve heard that Uber drivers as well love the flexibility as well, which allows them to work as much or little as they want, as the app can be turned on or off whenever they like. They enjoy the social interactions with the different kinds of people that get into their cars, plus learn about different events and become more aware of their city.

We all know how interesting Kla people can be…





To request your ride, simply download the free application for iPhone, Android, Blackberry 7, Windows Phone, or visit the mobile site.

Are you a regular Uber user like I am? Let me know what your experience with Uber in Uganda has been so far!

Photos by: @Tweny Moments

Have an uber-dope week,


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