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Happy new week lovelies,

If you follow me on Instagram, you know that I am currently rocking faux locs which were a life saver, over the weekend on our birthday Adventure with Tasha, at Paraa Safari Lodge *insert huge grin We spent three amazing days at Murchison Falls national park and I can’t wait to share more about our trip soon!

Before I dive into that tale, let’s talk protective styles ladies and gents… so before I braided my hair, I kept dreaming about faux locs and how cool my hair would look in them. But the potential damage to my hair scared me considering there’s a lot of hair weaved onto your hair, as well as the strain whilst inserting them, by the ladies that get them done. Thankfully, Aunt Sarah, who did mine was gentle-ish…

Before I braided my hair, I washed with the Kentaro Tea Tree Tingle Shampoo and deep conditioned with the Kentaro Berry Smoothie where Marion at Kami Kuts left my hair feeling refreshed and ready to be locked.

Now that my hair is in locs, I love my Moisture Well’s elixir, which has a sleek handy applicator bottle that I am using twice a week to keep my scalp moisturized and prevent dandruff. I apply drops of the elixir throughout my scalp and gently massage for about 2-3 minutes. I am also protecting my hair at night, using satin scarf, which I wear around the house, on the couch while I’m watching TV.

Penny, the creator of this elixir advises that it can also be used for restoring broken hairlines and patches:
“Apply drops of the elixir onto & throughout a clean scalp. Gently massage for about 2-3 minutes. For damaged areas, do this daily. Don’t forget to massage, massage, massage! This stimulates blood circulation around the hair follicles. Of course, you’ll need to steer clear of habits that exert high tension on the hairline. You will see the beginning of significant and long-lasting results after approx 6-8 weeks. Continue this routine until you can tell that your hairline is strong again.”

Hot Oil Treatment:
“Instinctively measure out just enough oil to apply onto and heavily coat your scalp & hair strands without getting drenched and having it drip down your face and neck. Pour the oil into a small jar/bowl and set it in a hot water bath for it to warm up; it shouldn’t get too hot, lest it burns.
After shampooing and cleansing your hair, generously apply the warmed up oil all over your scalp and hair. Massage for a little bit, and then sit under a steamer for 10-15 minutes. Heat is necessary to open up the cuticles along the hair strands, in order for the oil to penetrate and do its job.
If you have a dryer instead, make sure to cover with a plastic cap before you sit under it. Otherwise, body heat can work as well. 20-30 minutes should do the trick. Rinse the oil out with warm water (no need for shampoo). Follow with your favorite rinse-out conditioner, which you will rinse out with cool/cold water to close up the cuticles.
Do this weekly or bi-weekly and you will begin to observe stronger, softer, healthier and shinier hair strands. You can also follow your protein treatment with this to avoid hardening of your hair”

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How are you caring for your hair whilst in a protective style? Which are some of your favorite oils to use on your hair?

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