exploring Paraa Safari Lodge and Murchison Falls

I hope you’re looking forward to the weekend as much as I am!After spending last evening editing these gorgeous photos, I can finally share our travel-treat to celebrate Tasha’s birthday at Paraa Safari Lodge.

I thought the western part of Uganda was amazing until we explored the north west side, overlooking the River Nile.

Getting there:

We set off at 6:30 am, with our driver and guide George, who came directly from Paraa the previous day. He managed to find our house and we were off in good time. The 4 hour driver was extremely comfortable, as George is an AMAZING driver and guide.

When we got to Paraa, there was a doorman with a fresh glass of juice ready to welcome us 🙂 hello luxury…











Besides the neatness, spotlessly clean and well furnished room, the view from our room was spectacular! Our beds were strategically positioned to the view which I absolutely LOVED!

Waking up with the sound of hippos never gets old for me, as this would be my third time. Sitting on the porch is extremely relaxing and room 106, is in the perfect location for you to enjoy some peace and quiet. It’s always a win for me if I can wake up from a comfortable bed, to do some reading and morning reflections with amazing views.

I also fell in love with the rich décor in Paraa, from the finishing of the walls, the texture of the beds and chairs, making our room really cozy.







Food and Pool:

You know I love my good food right? Well, Paraa did not in the least bit disappoint from the varieties at breakfast, lunch or dinner. Tasha and I agreed that you truly get your money’s worth with the food here.

Plus dessert! Hmm so many great options like the cream Doria, Tagliatelle Napolitano, breaded fish fillet with tartar sauce, tomato and cucumber mozzarella salad, pasta carbonara, praline cream Ă©clair, banana pudding, I tell you! We were gleefully stuffed





We had to leave in the morning, before the Saturday bbq in the evening, which our waiter friends really wanted us to attend. There was also a bonfire on some evenings, where we got to mingle with some really sweet ladies and gents.

Side note: Sebastian was our favorite waiter
and the chef at Paraa is amazing!

There’s a cool bar by the pool, or should I say in the pool which I found interesting. It felt extremely relaxing, especially at about 12:00pm to soak in some sun after a few laps. We kept seeing many baboons come by to spy on us. I bet they envied us.





Boat ride, Game drive top of the falls and MAYBE hot air ballon

Our first activity was the boat ride on the “African Queen” where we enjoyed the Nile, and saw some animals enjoy the water. From elephants, to crocs and hippos, so many hippos!

George then took us on a safari drive, the next day, where we saw many more animals and wait for it
 Lions! George knew where, when and how to time which animals, as he explained that he grew up in Murchison falls. It was so cool getting really close to the lions, Giraffes, Hyenas, Ugandan Kobs, buffalos and elephants that awaited us.

Paraa also has a hot air ballon, which we sadly didn’t get to go on…maybe next time.Our final walk was to the top of the falls, where we chanced on a perfect rainbow. George timed it excellently.







Our three nights here were definitely a splurge on our end, but we loved that the offer we got that included transport to and from Paraa, the Game drive, boat ride and full board. It however did not include drinks 🙁 which made it feel like we were paying extra!





Overall, our trip was a well deserved splurge, which we truly enjoyed and would recommend to anyone any day! Tasha was thrilled to spend her birthday weekend at Paraa, as this was new and exciting. The food, the stuff, the game drive and lastly top of the falls all made us appreciate our beautiful country Uganda.

We are so grateful to the manager and staff at Paraa for taking such great care of us. If you have any inquiries or need help making a booking, please call +256772326552 or email me.

Have you been to Paraa Safari Lodge? When were you last at Murchison National park and the falls? I’d love to hear about your experience.

Happy adventures,



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