11 tips for new naturals X hair journey update


Heeey beauties,

This is has been a long over-due post…My hair journey update, after realizing  its  been 11 months since my big chop! I’ve got something to celebrate in August-1 year natural hair anniversary baby whoop whoop! Here are 11 lessons I’ve learned so far, regarding the highs and lows with my hair:

  1. After your big chop (if you decided to cut your hair to one inch like I did) you MUST remember to wear your favorite lipstick! Leaving the house makeup-less is fine, but at least wear some lipstick! That goes for accessories too, no matter how late you are for that meeting…you need some cute earrings
  2. Don’t be afraid to consult other naturals and ask as many questions as you would like. There are several ladies willing to offer some helpful tips… for instance, when I’d done my big chop I used to shampoo almost every other night, just because I could! It felt great, but I later learned that it was not healthy for my hair.
  3. Do your research on what your hair needs. Dedicate as much time as you would to your previously treated hair. What styles, which products work best and why, because as new natural, there are several ways to keep slaying! There are numerous blogs and resources now available.
  4. Don’t pick at your hair in the office or while watching a movie, or whilst waiting on your bestie to arrive, cause you’ll end up looking like a not-so-cute-crazy woman!
  5. Essential oils are your best friend. Find what works for your hair (through testing of course) and implement this into your regimen. You’ll find this much much easier to apply using a spritz bottle. A WIDE TOOTH COMB-another best friend you’ll find to make combing alot easier and painless, especially if you take your time to detangle when your hair is wet.
  6. Allow yourself to miss your permed hair and move on, because let’s face it straight hair is a breeze compared to our curls
  7. Resist putting your hair in dreadlocks, especially if you would like to keep styling it.
  8. Protective styles are a savior especially braids. Find which braids suit you best (for me it’s really long braids whether in twists or box braids) however, my braiding process is always a struggle as I have to ask the ladies to be as gentle as possible. Say No braiding too tight!
  9. I have learned now more than ever to embrace my ever growing hair and that there are no pills or products that will make your hair overnight.
  10. Hair-envy is real, especially when you see other naturals rocking such cute looks with long, thick bouncy curls… at the end of the day, we all look amazing on our journeys 🙂
  11. Love and accept yourself with your beautiful features! And most important, eat healthy and drink lots of water!


These are my lessons thus far. I would love to hear some of your hair tales as a recent natural on how you are finding the journey so far. What are some of your hair care tips?

Stay beautiful,




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