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After going through our travel-photo archives, Zahara and I can now confirm; we did an excellent job, at displaying the beauty that is *Arcadia lodges. This will be my last post about it, unless we meet, in which case I cannot promise not to bring it up 😉

We fell in love with the scenery, architecture and serenity. Lake Bunyonyi is a place I can talk about and recommend to anyone any day!

I decided that jeans and this shear white top were excellent choice for my first ever-canoeing session. The walk down to the dock from Arcadia was slightly slippery with tiny stones, which made me regret bringing these cute booties. We did however catch the sunset, which was a magnificent view.

Walking back up after the canoe ride was one heavy task for my poor feet. *Note to self: always carry sneakers for these walks! I do applaud myself though for making it up that long walk. Seeing how far we had walked whilst in the middle of the lake made me feel accomplished.

Jeans: Thrift

Top: Woolworths

Booties: Bata

Location: New cottages At Arcadia Cottages (30% discount using code CHOCOLATY PRINTS)

Photography: Zahara Abdul

Happy father’s day,


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