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There is so much one can do during a weekend gate-away, especially with such dreamy scenery! Zahara and I decided to explore the cottages at Arcadia as Gina and Agnes went on a walk to tour Lake Bunyonyi (Yes we’re still talking about the trip because it’s only been a week lol!) just two more posts and I’m done…promise 🙂

I thought I’d over-utilize my month old braids and the beautiful natural lighting from our cottages to take some fun shots. There’s just something about freshly painted wood that looks golden. Gives off warm vibes and makes you want to take a hot shower and cozy up with a good book. Oh luxury!

Anyway, as the girls went on their walk to tour Lake Bunyonyi and bits of Kabale, Zahara and I appreciated the fine architecture here. We spent time at the new cottages at Arcadia that will have a spectacular view once complete.

I miss you Lake Bunyonyi.

Otherwise, I hope you’re feeling accomplished this week!

Maxi dress: Boutique next to Olive Mall

Jumper: Woolworths

Location: New cottages (30% discount using code CHOCOLATY PRINTS)

Photos: Zahara Abdul

Happy almost-weekend,


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