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Happy Fri-nally! Did you ever find a dress that leaves you feeling pretty after you ate delicious green pasta with crayfish in white wine sauce and crepes suzette (crepes with orange whisky sauce and fruit salad) for desert? Yes? Maybe?

This was it for me. I need to feel comfortable enough to eat as much as I’d like, so after a hearty breakfast and lunch on the Arcadia deck, this was my go to. I must confess that this shoot is a result of some good food, with the wind making my braids werk! You have no idea how long I waited and envisioned a shoot like this! Or how much my neck and head worked…

I bought this cute dress on a mega sale at Woolworths. It’s so easy to slip on and of course, super comfortable! I am starting to buy more dresses, which for me has not always been the case. I love pants, jeans and jumpsuits!

Throwing on my denim jacket was a given to complete this look. Is it just me, or do we suddenly miss our braids once they are out?

Dress and Jacket: Woolworths

Choker: Tasha’s closet

Sneakers: Woolworths

Location: New cottages at Arcadia Cottages (30% discount using code CHOCOLATY PRINTS)

Photography: Zahara Abdul

Sending you positive weekend vibes,




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