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Welcome to June everyone; May just flew by so fast for me…wow! So much going on for me, I guess but I hope you are having a great start to the month.

I brag; managing to complete several tasks in May, which seemed to be nudging me in my sleep…deadlines can be scary!

Gratitudethat I had the chance to spend two amazing nights at the breathtaking Lake Bunyonyi: Arcadia Lodges, over the weekend, which was a long planned stay, I really wanted to take. I look forward to sharing with you the views soon!

I desire; to help others reach their full potential and accomplish their goals.

What are your brags, gratitude and desires this month?


Making: more to do lists, as things keep changing around here

Cooking Blending: yoghurt, banana, pineapple, apple and hibiscus

Drinking: this delicious smoothie I just blended for breakfast

Reading: A little blue book

Looking: forward to July for some strange reason…

Playing: This Song by Hillsong all week…

Wasting: No time in completing my work tasks so my weekends are free for the blog

Creating: more vision boards both in my mind and on paper, which have sometimes amazed me at how things can fall into place

Wishing: my ideas would all come together at the right time, whilst appreciating that putting in the hard work pays off

Enjoying: the days where I get things done, despite having to push myself!

Waiting: For more news about my career…decisions decisions

Liking&Appreciating: all the compliments from my blogger friends about the new and improved look of the blog

Wondering: Whether I will succeed at accomplishing my goals this year, as it has been a fast-paced ride so far, with so many challenges. I pray I champion on…

Loving: our ladies breakfast meeting that happen on some weeks where we get to encourage and motivate each other

Hoping: To spend my early mornings up by reading more this month and perhaps even make it a lifestyle

Marvelling: At the beauty of my new blog design, as I have been thinking about making changes for a while now. I was scared about the changes and worked Daniel so hard, but it was totally worth it! Praise God 🙂

Pondering: whether to go to a meeting later this evening, or have my hair done

Needing: A spa day SO much right now…

Smelling: freshly baked bread. Smells so good!

Wearing: jogging pants, a baby blue vest and slippers.

Following: I’ve just followed @myboldtravelmovement on Instagram for inspiration of ladies travelling boldly…also a beautiful feed for travel inspiration

Noticing: that the weather is so perfect in the mornings for a walk

Knowing: If it works out, great. If not, then I’ll keep trying until one of these projects works out! Happy that God hold ad guides my future either way.

Thinking: I really need to do what I’ve been thinking about doing, which was get some audio books as soon as I figure out this laptop

Feeling: blessed and refreshed after another successful road trip to Kabale over the weekend. #takemeback

Admiring: the humility of some people and the effects of listening more

Wanting: things to go my way, just this one time

Deciding: I need primer in my life, as soon as possible

Disliking: our new dusty road, when I have to walk which is smooth, but dusty….

Getting: used to saying No a lot more lately: even with silence, if that counts…


Have a spectacular month,




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