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So you probably noticed how psyched I was about the Kampala restaurant week, seeing as I put together some outfits for it! And so finally, the day was upon us and I had the honor of dinning out with some amazing bloggers last week!

Life lately involves food! Street food, elegant food, hard-to-pronounce food, just food! After travelling over the weekend (hence this late post-hihi) I had such fomo about missing out the rest of Kampala restaurant week. Last week, there was a whole group of us that went on a uber-cool restaurant safari organized by the Pearl Guide. We met up at the bistro and all rode together to three restaurants for starters, main and desserts.

Our starters were Tacos on a log from The Bistro, which my team, (team A) custom-made. I wonder what the judges thought about my tacos… The next day, Esther and I couldn’t resist going back to Bistro, where she had the Beef Cannelloni which had tube shaped homemade pasta stuffed with beef mince a la Bolognese garnished with spinach basil tomato coulis. That’s a review for another day 😉

Our next stop on the safari was Yujo Izakaya…here all i remember (and you should definetly try) is their new Katsu Berry Burger, which was neatly stuffed crusted chicken, served with Japanese fries and wasabi mayo. YUM! I remember getting home and when my mum and Tasha asked how it went, I simply said those burgers!

Finally we went to The Lawns for dessert which was perfectly paired with wine!

Restaurant week has helped me appreciate both food and the dinning out experience a whole lot more.

Photography: Tweny Moments

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