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SO Kla Restaurant week happened.  Tasha and I finally got to visit the Wild Orchid, and Food Library, who were doing a collabo. This to me was the ultimate coolest thing about this year’s restaurant week.We had a date with Ham, but one thing after another (I won’t say who delayed) and so he had to cancel 🙁 we missed you Ham!

Our starters were the pitta pizza for Tasha, and courgette with chicken pasta for me.

Mains were the vegetable lasgna for me and grilled chicken stack for Tasha.

Dessert, which was our fave was the suprise in a box and brownie sundae. All kinds of deliciousness! We had to take home some slices of the

I can honestly say, i’ll be going back whenever i crave that fine-dinning life 🙂

Stay awesome,


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