The One About The Little Things

As we conclude the week, I couldn’t help but feel overwhelmed by all the tasks and goals I haven’t managed to accomplish. On Monday mornings, I’m usually psyched with energy to get things done, but by Friday I’m drained… Thankfully, there 4 little nuggets of wisdom I have carried with me over the years that keep me motivated and I feel you could use too;

Dress: Woolworth

Clutch: YourBagLady

Photos: Tweny Benjamin



i) Being yourself and taking pride in being your authentic self. You are most beautiful when you have your own style, stand by your values and are in touch with your feelings. This with time helps you attract the right people that love you for you!



ii) Staying positive. Exude positivity and joy, so much which people will spot you from a distance and say “oh boy, here she comes with all that positivity and energy”

iii) Appreciating your inner beauty; being genuinely kind, self-confident, humble, optimistic and caring person who’s passionate about making a difference! We each have that inner beauty and need to unleash and share it.


iv) Find beauty in others. A genuinely beautiful person has no time for negativity or jealousy…


How are you letting your inner beauty shine? 🙂 What are the little things that made you happy this week?

Have a great weekend,



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