Taking Stock 17


Happy new Month 🙂 I hope you’re seeing results, achievements and progress in whatever you’re doing, as we enter May 2016! For April;

I brag; Staying calm when my laptop crushed one morning after i got up earlier than usual to work….I decided to breath, and thankfully work from the ICT lab close-by.

Gratitude; being able to make the time to read has made my April a whole load more enjoyable

I desire;to prioritize spending more on books than food someday…ha! but yeah, maybe someday…

What are your brags, gratitude and desires this month?

Making: plans on my calendar 
Cooking: Liver stew with rice and gonja
Red grape juice; so deliciously refreshing!
Reading: Sidney Sheldon’s Stranger In the Mirror
wanting: the coming week to be filled with plans and ideas executed
for new inspiration can sometimes be scary but fun
Weight In Gold by Seal and Gallant. Also, Don’t Let Me Down by The Chainsmokers ft. Daya

Deciding: that I might be am “multi-passionate”, as Marie Forleo says… Doing as many things as possible, as I try and find what suits me best, in this career path. Happy to know you can’t have it all figured out at once.
the weird rash on my forehead would clear up already
hot drinks during this rainy season
for something really cool to happen this week
this smart quote by, Chris Guillebeaueliminate ideas that don’t bring you joy when you think of them.”
what happened to my child-like wonder lately. I miss that somewhat playfulness, I had…
my new protective style (box braids) the perfect way to give my hair a month’s break
where to find a certain guy’s number

Considering: buying Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert
more books from Nakumat soon, if they’re on sale.  I think it was Nakumat Bugolobi where I found a really good bargain the last time.

Watching:  How To Find The Work You’re Meant To Do Does it bring you Joy, Money and does it  flow? Basically if you’re looking to be happy with the work you do, you need to be happy whilst doing it, have the finances available and do it with ease.
Hoping:  to keep up consistency with my work, blog posts or other commitments
Needing: To have this reminder written somewhere; Not letting the concepts of past and future affect my current state of mind
this guy’s decision not to wear any deodorant today. whyyyy
Smelling: *read above
not too pleasant
The Flash ( I decided to get back into it)

Noticing: this past month had so many birthdays, all for some pretty awesome peopleplus mothers Day!
I showed up, cared and did my best is what matters
about getting into audio books, especially before bed…
people I meet with entrepreneurial mindsets
my room felt amazing, needing to keep up this minimalist journey
accustomed to filling up on delicious salads when hungry
that I’ve lost my phone and laptop in two consecutive  weeks; plus that now you’ll have to hear about it, over and over again…

Feeling: lost without my phone or laptop 🙁

Have a spectacular week,


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