Uganda’s Natural Splendor; Lake Bunyonyi




This is one of the most beautiful places I got to explore this year, after having driven for over 5 hours. The weather as rainy as we had expected which made it more stunning! I can honestly say arriving here made me question why I hadn’t explored the beauty of my country sooner!

Spending a night did it no justice; hence I will have to return to share more epic scenes from different angles…A body of water, Lake Bunyonyi is one of our top gems, found in Southwestern Uganda near the Rwandan border. It is also believed to be the second deepest lake in Africa, at 1,962m above sea level with cool temperatures all year round. You my friends need to visit, if you haven’t already…





The girls and I decided to book one of the cool Geodomes at Byoona Amagara, praised for its creativity and affordability …my kinda place. We had our own private balcony with a view of the surrounding islands and hillsides- there is no door to ensure we enjoyed this thoroughly!




Before dinner, I quickly took a tour of the place, mostly targeting the swimming dock. First I picked up a book from this cozy library, planning on reading at any chance I could get on our balcony (that never happened) then I thought about swimming, after learning that the water is free of bilharzia parasites. However, the weather wasn’t warm enough for me to dive in. In experienced swimmers are however advised to take caution.




At the swimming dock, I met an interesting guy, whose name I can’t recall, but he shared some interesting stories about this time in Uganda.

Now you need to know I’m introverted and find it difficult speaking to strangers and sparking conversations in public…but it suddenly felt OK with this strange-man who I’ll probably never meet again. I was curious to hear about what he enjoyed most about Kampala…it’s interesting to hear what guests have to share about their experiences in a new place.

There were several other travelers sharing their stories over dinner. This was my first encounter with a backpacking accommodation.




By dinner I was eager to have a look at the menu.  We had a really early dinner for some reason.Two of the girls ordered the cray fish which made me secretly food jealous when their food arrived. I opted for the safer option, Pasta- which was just as yummy 🙂




Falling asleep was a little scary for me knowing we had no door! But as usual the girls seemed so brave and clam which got me through. I managed to fall asleep eventually… In the morning, many of us were prepping for the next destination. Breakfast was delicious! I managed to take in as much of the scenery as I could. We were all packed and ready to set off by boat by which we came.



This was another short and sweet stay. Again, I felt I needed more time here to fully enjoy the magic in the beauty of the islands! There’s always next time 😉

Happy Sunday,



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