Taking Stock 16


March has been enjoyable and sort of flew by as I travelled and new things kept happening in my life. I have had to adjust and take bold steps which made me realize my great potential at work as well the way I deal with challenges. Here are my Brags, gratitude and desires

I brag; my new bae, Mufasa who I’m getting to know more and more…without him, we wouldn’t have these amazing pictures on the blog!

My gratitude; that I got to feature on Urban Tv talking about my Foodie experiences, with Maritza and Sabrizzy 🙂

I desire; that more people especially at work can understand the value of working together, as a team…

I’d love to hear all about your brags, gratitude and desire this month?

 Making:  Exciting plans to meet Penny next week for a project we’ll work on together…
Cooking Frying: Cassava!
Drinking : 
green tea, thinking about making another cup soon….
on my laptop isn’t the best thing, but I’m weirdly attached to it… I’m so Sheldon from Big Bang at the moment; in denial that his laptop was dying anytime soon!
Wanting:  a new laptop soon 🙁
Looking: for Mufasa’s Manual
What’s Inside by Sara Bareilles

Deciding: not to watch this episode, but rather prepare for the week ahead
for a long day at the spa
Life house’s Out Of The Wasteland album before bed….
(Still) Waiting: 
for my visa…sigh!
how perfect weekends are when Arthur’s around
what the weather will be like tomorrow morning
my silk head scarf from Enviri za nacho
Pondering: more head-wraps for the coming week

Considering: going to more undiscovered places
A bunch of stuff I need mid-week, is on the to-do list
Billions- just started it, let’s see how it goes….
Hoping:  that my work will inspire people to do what they love, use their skills for good and spark creativity in others
at how great my friend Patricia is at motherhood! Spending time with her and the baby with the girls this weekend was refreshing as well as enlightening as to how much we’re growing.

Cringing:  at how unfit I feel lately
Needing: more notebooks!
Questioning Reflecting: 
on my ability to adapt when around new people, surroundings or in uncomfortable situations, which I feel is one of the most valuable lessons for me this month. In February and March, I’ve had moments where I was forced to face my fears, had my weaknesses exposed and summoned my strengths! Lessons learned from my travels!
pineapple juice
this interesting article about gardens

Noticing: the benefits of sharing how I actually feel, with those I love, even when I get super emotional…relationships end and not everyone is your friend! So letting these emotions pass is healthy…
that God is faithful so rather than worrying or stressing about my life plans, I’ll simply trust him
about how fast time flies and all that I need to eventually get done
how much work I get done without the disruption of Whatsapp messages on my phone (turning it off again for a few days)
which leave-ins and conditioners to try this week.
a kick out of swiping out my new blogger cards each time someone asks for my blog link…
my need to be involved and help with everything that takes up so much more of my time…

Feeling:  refreshed after I washed my hair

Opening: this helpful link about balancing life and work…

Snacking: on some candy
Helping: myself by getting as much rest as I need over the weekends

Hearing: Radio and Weasels “Obuude” playing in the kitchen

Happy new week,



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