The Social Media Awards 2016


The Social Media Awards are happening again! Social Media is a community and it has had a tremendous effect on our communication world. As Jason and Erik say “The social media marketing world is growing up and it’s ready for you to ask it out on a date.”

This year I’m especially excited to be attending again as a Best Blog nominee. Please vote my blog here. The Uganda Social Media awards, is an event that brings together individuals and organizations that are at the front-line when it comes to using social media for entertainment, change, sharing of ideas, creating communities and talking to customers online.

This year they have come up with a more corporate twist and have lined up some amazing speakers.

NEIL PURSEY; CEO & Founder Webgrowth Academy

JUSTIN ANYONA Agency Manager, Google Inc

JO CRAWSHAW Senior Marketing & PR Manager, Sub-Saharan Africa Opera Software

NAHEED HIRJI Partnerships Manager Facebook

KEVIN STEVE AGUTU TRACE TV – Senior Vice President – Eastern Africa

The Uganda Social Media awards will reward individuals and organizations that are creatively using and harnessing the power of social media to engage and build communities online. As a social media enthusiast, I’m so happy and honored that I’ll be meeting like-minded brands and individuals.

I hope I get to meet you there, so we can learn and share from this excellent selection of speakers and social media lovers.

Enjoy your weekend,



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