Taking Stock 14 and 15!


I hope the past two months have been going great for you. I decided to put them (Jan and Feb) together, because it might be fun. First, I watched a show where Regena Thomashauer spoke about this excellent practise/tool for motivation before you start your meetings. You simply state a brag, gratitude and a desire. I loved it so much and have decided to take it up. It basically highlights the inspirational qualities you possess.

I brag: The beauty of our country, which I keep discovering every day. Despite everything that’s been going on. It manages to offer therapy.

My gratitude: a loving and supportive group of friends ad family who keep me going and encourage me to make my dreams come true

I desire: To keep doing what I’m doing, learning from challenges and embracing change

Regena stresses how we’re so afraid to boast lately and the value in knowing your strengths, what are your brags, gratitude and desire this month?

Making:  Dinner plans in advance for some lovely friends, on the 31st March at Faze 2. Should be good… Should be fun! It’s a farewell dinner though I’ve never learnt how to properly say goodbye 🙂
Cooking Eating: a lot more pineapple-yum! I’ve always had a thing for pineapple; THE KAMPALA PINEAPPLE is everything
Drinking : 
a hot chocolate.  Also, bottles of water; big bottles and small bottles.
more travel blog posts and articles about Norway
at how green and revived the trees are now that it just started to rain. 
Hold it together- Nico ad Vinz #tune I’m so into their music! Our Love will always remind me of the road trip we just had. Also Bang My Head 
Deciding: not to braid my hair on nights that i’m too tired
Wishing missing: 
my former colleagues who spent a year in Uganda and are now back at home…sigh!
travel posts; making them, reading them, planning or random ideas for them…
for my visa!
that I got to meet and make friends with some brilliant folk at the FK conference in February
how many places I can visiti this year and what each of them will teach me!
the sunshine and wind combination of weather today-it’s just right
whether to go away this weekend-

Considering: going for a walk later today
Almond oil as soon as i can
more TED videos
Hoping: I can achieve the goals I set this month. I have several goals, but mostly to take on this new role at work and get things done!
at the now healed scar on my hand & chin from a bike accident in Soweto, amazing how the body can recover from anything.

Cringing: at the thought of medication…so glad I’m done with it
to get Ugandan names for Gina and Agnes. Any ideas?
THE GOOD WIFE! Something about that guy *whose name i can’t remember, that made me miss watching greys anatomy!
 that I am blessed. we are blessed.
Thinking: I should plan some of these events better, or not plan so many at the same time.
the simple things in life
 what needs to get done before my upcoming trip.
Getting: a list of book titles I need to buy or download
that there are several posts still in draft-mode that I should get up sooner or later. Mostly my travel tales and product reviews I can’t wait to share! I know I have so much to offer you guys; I need more time!

Feeling: loved and empowered

Opening: A jar of peanut butter

Snacking:  On peanuts and raisins

Hearing: loud horns, trumpets and a marching band

Happy Friday,


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