Easter Gone Wild; Queen Elizabeth National Park






















We had breakfast, lunch and dinner here and it came to about 80$ for our night at Bush Lodge.





The girls and I started our easter-week-getaway at 10:00am on the 19th, by heading to Bush Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National park. There are several lodges within the park. Bush lodge looked most appealing to us. A few hours into the trip, were pleased to have Gertrude (our GPS) sighting which turn to take.

When we got to Kasese in Kyenjojo, Getrude guided us to a “shortcut” to the park. We drove for about thirty minutes and as the road got thinner, realized it was a dead end in the middle of nowhere! It was hilarious and scary. I was scared, but glad that the girls were enjoying the adventure. As the only Ugandan, with three Norwegian girls I did my best to remain calm. Usually when lost, I ask a boda guy for directions but this time, it was a lady I spoke to that confirmed that we completely off track and best to return to the main road, which was what we did, out of this strange place… Phew!

I’ve never been more grateful to know some Luganda, runyankole and rutoro as I heard to communicate in either one. The trick was rukonjo!

We were relived to be back on the main road, as it was getting dark. The last time we drove at night, we promised we wouldn’t do this again. After 8 hours on the road, we arrived at Bush Lodge, where the wonderful staff waited up to welcome us and take our bags. It was 10:00pm.

I had called an hour earlier to ask if they could make us dinner, despite their kitchen being closed. They were so kind to put together a delicious 3 course meal! After the long drive, this was much needed and highly appreciated. We also were asked to be up by 6:00am for breakfast, so as to make it in time to the opening of the national park.

We were then guided with torch lights to our tents where we unpacked ready to spend the night. The showers and ladies were outside and it was a little scary walking in the dark paths, but I had to freshen up. Besides the delicious dinner, falling asleep to the sound of Hippos was the highlight of our night.

The next morning, we were up energized to spot the Big 5. Gina and I had our cameras ready, grateful for an open roof! A tourist in my own country…

The animals were slowly getting up and walking out from the shrubs in small numbers. We managed to spot buffaloes, the Ugandan kob and three elephants. Gina sat at the top of the car and spotted the first elephant we saw. there’s no guarantee that you will see the big 5 at Queen Elizabeth, thus luck and a knowledgeable guide will be your friends. At one point, there were about 5 cars parked in one spot hoping to see lions. We did not :-/

We then proceeded to the boat ride where we saw even more hippos (so many hippos) buffalos, crocodiles, birds and another elephant, who had not tail 🙁 but seemed so content with his life.

I really enjoyed my stay at Bush lodge, loved being in a totally different space with just the basics and again, appreciating the spectacular wildlife my country has to offer. Never before did I imagine myself enjoying a tent so much…granted this was a styled-up tent. I had my insect repellant ready but did not get bit at this place. In the park maybe, but not here.

Stay wild-lovin’ and happy Easter,



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