A Night at Source Of The Smile












We decided to spend Friday night in Jinja at Source of the smile, on our way to Sipi Falls, after getting good reviews from Sebastian and Hege. It’s an excellent hide-away spot if you’d like a city break.

Source of the smile is owned by a couple from Uganda and Iceland. They welcomed us with a nice cup of tea or coffee on the house, after our day’s activities out at the source of the Nile and reptile park.

Source of the smile draws you in with its artistic appeal. We fell in love with the paintings,hand crafted designs on the ceiling and walls. The Ugandan wife, I suspect spends her days creating and putting it all together, while her husband who has excellent customer care skills likes to take time to make sure his guests are comfortable.. They each made us feel like we were welcomed and pampered.

Source of the Smile truly is as it states! 🙂 Well done and thank you SO much to the entire team.

Have you been to Source of The Smile? let me know all about your experience! Let me know if you would like more details on the rates we got 🙂

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